Teamwork correct to organize is not easy. In order to ensure that everyone works together productively, the basic factors should be right. 2 X 5 points to watch out for.

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Teamwork: excuse for social lounging?

Teamwork gets a bad rap. Behind held Hand "TEAM" is often used as an abbreviation for "Great, someone else does it". And then there is the aspect of social laziness: as soon as individuals work collectively with others towards a common goal and their individual performance is not known, team performance decreases - at least for simple ones Tasks.

Teamwork does not necessarily have to be unproductive: a team can do much more Team also work together extremely effectively - if certain requirements are met. But how do you put it? for surethat the team pulls together permanently? And what challenges do you have to face?

Teams have to pull together - how does that work?

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First of all they have to Basics voices. For example, should be common in the team Set prevail, everyone should have a clearly defined role and tasks should be properly delegated and communicated.

Cohesion in difficult situations also makes teams strong. The big ones know that too Companys and increasingly connect Teambuilding-Measures with unusual outdoor experiences.

Companies love unusual outdoor experiences

Yes, team building in unusual outdoor environments and in extreme conditions seems to have been a trend issue for HR departments for several years now:

The Metro sent Boy Executives to Antarctica, Deutsche Bahn organizes survival training courses in nature to weld teams together, and Daimler is going, according to Facebook- Climbing the site with his trainees in freezing temperatures in March.

Do unusual actions actually enhance collaboration?

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This raises the question: what can the individual draw from such experiences? Are such actions little more than a nice PR gag by companies or are the unusual conditions actually improving the collaboration in the group? If the latter is true, how exactly does collaboration and therefore productivity improve for the individual?

In order to recognize this, we should first of all remind ourselves of what makes good cooperation in the team at all:

  1. Keep recalling the importance of the team: In order to prevent a drop in performance, it is important for the team to reassert its importance over and over again - for example, by looking at the development of joint cooperation. How was that - did you start and thought, now let's see what develops? Or did you plan on developing the team right from the start - with all the consequences it has?
  2. Common goal: The common goal must be right. How did the team actually get together? What personal goals does each team member have? How does it work when your team is looking for new ideas: let the boss introduce you. Or do the team members argue and decide everything together? And is it possible that everyone in the team can agree on a common goal?
  3. Role allocation and learning effects: The roles have to be right. Have you ever thought about which of you can do something especially good? I do not mean expertise. Can z. For example, if one person is particularly good at systematically bringing things together, another is the great creative person in this team? And do you use the special talents in a targeted manner to advance your team? Was there a point in team development where you first had to take a step backwards, but that turned out to be a necessary learning step afterwards?
  4. Everyone contributes: For teamwork to succeed, it is important that each team member can make their individual contribution to success. This raises the individual's sense of responsibility for the results the team achieves.
  5. Delegate tasks and communication: How does that work when tasks are delegated in your team? Which communication means and routes are used: personal discussions, eMail, Telephone, Social Media, Meetings? Have these changed over time? And how do you make sure that the other person has understood correctly what you want to communicate?

5 personal experience in team building

All of these are Ask, which I was able to answer during a very special team experience – namely on a climbing tour in Jaques-Cartier National Park in Québec, Canada.

If the Canadian parks are well developed, there are free roaming wolves and bears. And there are steep rocks and dark caves, over and through which we climbed together as a group. Which team experiences could I win here?

Conclusion: Always think about the team

After all, that was the insight that I brought with me from this exciting experience: always optimizing one's own work organization is all well and good, but if I do not orient myself to others and respect others, then I too will fail.

Organizing the team work optimally and pulling together in the group is usually just as important for one's own Success.

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