Anyone who wants to make a career often follows the CVs of successful entrepreneurs. The result is often the impression that everything was exactly clocked through, perfectly planned and every step had to be a calculation towards a career goal. In reality, things are different.

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Career planning: Better individual and flexible

But this impression is usually deceptive. Even if no obvious, notorious "gaps" can be identified in the career path, it can be assumed that they still existed, in whatever form. Because just as complex as ours Economy is also the Implementation a detailed career plan.

We recommend: It's better to be individually clever instead of too rigid to plan and sometimes let things take their course. Then positive Even in a career, events cannot always be calculated. And: not every step on the career ladder can be planned. You should also be able to be spontaneous and open to opportunities.

Unclear labor market structures and flexibility

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The job market has been undergoing drastic change for some time. The digital Revolution is in full swing and unmistakable upheavals are taking place. In the course of digitization, phenomena such as Industry 4.0 play a role Internet of things, mobility, home office, coworking, etc. are playing a decisive role for more and more Company. Even if they may sound like inflationary buzzwords to you at first. The processes they trigger penetrate even the smallest Office and in the everyday working life of already working people as well as in future job starters.

Was the diversity for a while it was just a type of lettering that companies took up the cause of Boy To be considered more attractive to employees, it is now a fixture in the industry Working world arrived. Start-ups in particular, with which a decent career can be built within a few years or even months, preach cosmopolitanism, internationality and diversity.

Coveted employers: drivers of innovation and creativity

Companies in whose cosmos these things really play a crucial role are sought-after and can today be seen as a magnet for young workers. After all, diversity is a driver for Innovation and creativity, Two values ​​that are crucial in the modern working world.

If you want to remain attractive as a beginner for current and future companies, you need flexibility and diversity. In the modern career landscape always new requirements or challenges are added, for their implementation yours spontaneity is asked. Strict career plans that grant no freedom are out of place, Although, of course, a good self-organization and certain plans in moderation are important.

Organization and plans: Important in moderation

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Everybody is slumbering in the desire to do something. Becoming professional in any area, starting any form of career. It therefore requires one Career planning, which usually starts with the first internship at school. Here, the direction is given and it can be tested whether a certain idea agrees with reality.

A well-founded one Vocational Training can then be a good basis for professional Success represent. At the same time, don't be too rigid to allow yourself freedom. Dual courses of study and training, for example, have established themselves as solid qualifications. Not only does the work experience, which is gained here at the same time as the theoretical training, bring an advantage over other students. Those with dual training also have to organize themselves better in order to Study and practice to reconcile. Here they can teach themselves and test how much Organization necessary to achieve success and when it becomes too much and spontaneity is required.

Where and how do you want to work?

Deliberations and “plans” on specific points are of course important. For job interviews, important appointments, etc. must be self-evident organized and prepared become. But decisive thoughts are also an important part of any career planning: In which Industry would you like to work? Do you want to work in a large corporation or rather in a medium-sized company?

falls Choice on the SME, it is worthwhile to complete many internships. If before you always toyed with the idea of ​​going abroad to gain experience there, you now have to be willing to be flexible. That would be important for a large corporation; in medium-sized companies, however, internships count. Next to the Job you should also consider the entire life plans:

Full-time or part-time?

Things that are not always calculable, such as the emergence of a young one Family sometimes require, for example, the choice of part-time training. The Vocational Training Act makes this choice possiblein which the operational part of the training is shortened. But those who have rigid career plans, may not be on such opportunities and doubts the success of such training. One does not want to know that such decisions at important points on the path of life will later be regretted.

Think about where exactly and why you want to pursue a career and what you might have to do without as a result. It is important that you always Honestly are to yourself.

Safety through long planning ahead?

Different People have different security needs. If you have always attached great importance to security in various areas of life, it may be worth looking for a permanent job in a more conservative industry. On the other hand, it can also be helpful for the development of a creative streak or an innovative spirit to have to or be able to deal with changes more often. In that case, a flexible job would be right for you, and you might even want to consider freelancing. You should ask yourself this question early enough and try to answer honestly.

Of course, there is never real security, but it can be changed from career to career, or job to job increase. For many people, however, the feeling of security may also arise from planning a long time ahead. When it comes to today's dynamic and changing professional world, it is actually not possible to plan ahead more than ten or at most fifteen years.

Do not forget retirement

Of course, that makes sense Age not to forget, so the time after the career, Here, long planning pays off and gives you factual security. The fact proved by a study that By the year 2036 every fifth German pensioner threatened by old age poverty will be, underscores the value of prevention. Considerations whether the operational pension or private facility for the elderly are better suited to flow into any loose career plan.

For more concrete but flexible plans for the next three to five years, it pays off, for example Job scheduling diaries. Here you can record proper project plans and draw up. The goal should be a job or a position that you would like to achieve one day. In addition, set yourself intermediate goals for the way there, such as career stages that you would like to achieve in the next few years. But it doesn't have to be more specific.

It helps to look at this book every few weeks. This motivates you and helps you to keep your goal (as well as your intermediate goals) in mind Eyes zu verlieren. Also make note of events that you didn't anticipate but that had a positive impact on your career. This will help you appreciate the value of these "coincidences" more and more. Overviews in the form of planning diaries or overview boards with notes are useful when it comes to the Set to keep an eye on and appreciate spontaneous events.

Clever and individual instead of rigid planning

Rigid career planners often make decisions long before the career entrywhat exactly they want to do where and how. But the labor market situation always remains the same to a certain extent Risks. Of course, studies can be used to find out whether it is worth starting a degree in IT today and whether in three or six years' time IT professionals will still be in demand as they are now. However, labor market crises simply cannot be predicted one hundred percent. It is therefore always useful, to focus fully on one's own inclinations and yourself not to cling to trendsthat promise a fast and "secure" career. Stand behind your education or study and have it Fun in the matter, the chances of finding a job are not bad either.

In the job itself, depending on the area and industry, it is also important to plan cleverly and individually. More conservative jobs, as in controlling, require that you stay longer in a department. You can expect a guideline of five to six years and plan accordingly. Those who change faster in this industry, sometimes jumps and unreliable.

Of course, it looks completely different in Marketing out of. It's much more agile here and it's expected that the Employees clear are more flexible. If you work in marketing, you should be willing to change positions every two to three years, especially at the beginning of your career. If you would also like to pursue a specialist career, you must of course be willing to hold a position for a longer period of time. This is the only way you can usually get enough Deselect Appropriately. However, if you are aiming for a management career, the quick one is recommended Ascent a frequent change of professional position.


Basically, it can be said: You should, with all your more precise ideas, for your Future try to plan your career no wrong ideas of your performance and your characteristics. Rigid goals that seem attractive, but for which you do not actually have the qualifications and interest, hinder your own development. For example, if you consider yourself to be particularly organized and aspire to a management position, but are rather chaotic in practice, the project could go wrong and your career fail. Don't be afraid to involve those around you and ask friends, family and acquaintances how they rate you. Let the Opinions but don't push others too much in a certain direction and keep asking yourself the question: Do I stand behind what I do?

And above all: do not overestimate ambition and talent and they think instead, more about itAlso Coincidences, opportunities and happiness value and make friends with them. Find a goal-oriented compromise by designing a rough grid for your professional future. You have your individual goals and ideals of life and work and you have your own financial requirements. It is often enough to meet the minimum criteria forms, in order to create a framework in which there is also enough space for opportunities.

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