Company health management (BGM) is on everyone's lips. Pursue invest more and more into maintaining their health Employees in view of increasing lifestyle-related diseases, Burnout numbers or work-related complaints.

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The new prevention law

Last but not least, the Federal Government has recognized this danger and, after a long period of deliberation, passed the new Prevention Act on June 18, 2015, in which the social security institutions clear to be held more accountable Health of People especially in your work environment. The Federal Ministry of Health writes:

“Companies are particularly suitable for Implementation of prevention and health promotion offers. Since the interventions are carried out in an outreach manner, people can also be addressed who go beyond the usual ways are harder to reach. If the employees experience their work as meaningful and less than a burden and if they also experience the employer as caring, this has a demonstrably positive effect on their health as well as on the employee Success of Company out of."

There is more to change

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But how sustained are Measuresthat are carried out as useful mostly one-time offers like the well-loved health day? And aren't they always the same ones that are already active? Candidateswho use in-house fitness offers such as back courses?

To one rethink to health conscious Behavior To achieve and also to inspire employees who have had little or no contact with movement and holistic fitness, one thing is required above all: enjoyment of the thing, easy implementation with immediate benefit for the employee Everyday life as well as individual support.

Passive programs for the office

This is where “pause kicker” comes into play. As a dynamic Hamburg start-up with tailor-made programs and the unique Combination We got this from office yoga, voice and memory training Term "Company health entertainment" written on the flags. Our entertaining and health-promoting programs prove that health-conscious behavior not only keeps you fit, but also Fun power.

This is how bodies become at the brunch or the health party, Head and voice refreshed with entertaining exercises from office yoga, voice and memory training, the stomach rewarded with delicious smoothies and organic delicacies. In active lectures and workshops, the participants get well-founded information Reset clearly packaged, with tips and Methodsthat anchor themselves playfully.

There are even many movementkeptics to the health fan, some inhibitors to the Denksportanhänger. With exciting city rallys and humorous quizzes, we make for laughing faces, moving lunch breaks bring fresh air into the office day.

Performance plus almost by the way

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Almost like by the way the participants are rewarded with a waking concentrated head, a firm well-articulated voice, deepened breathing and relaxed mobilized muscles.

Training videos and brochures, the needs of employees and the demands of today Working world accordingly, ensure long-term benefits. An approach that pays off: in the form of motivated, self-responsible employees and lower sick leave.

Further education

But not only the need for external health services is increasing, but also the need for internal employees who can carry out health-promoting measures in self-government. In accordance with this trend, we offer the Pausenkicker Academy.

1-3 daily training modules for office yoga, voice and memory training. Regular resource reinforcement and the anchoring of memory and relaxation techniques, breathing and speech exercises are ensured.

The costs

Regardless of whether it is a regular training, a one-off event program or a multi-day program Further educationModern health programs must be fun and “health entertainment” seems to be finding its way into companies as a new pillar of corporate health management: As an effective component for fit employees and long-term corporate success.

Especially in small and medium-sized companies, however, the first question is: What does it cost and who is to pay for it? Of course, self-management, both with monetary, as well as human and spatial resources is necessary, but there are many ways of support.

Support by health insurance and state

Statutory health insurance companies are increasingly supporting targeted WHM in companies, as an example here is the BKK VBU as a partner of Pausenkicker, which has been particularly dedicated to this topic in recent years and sometimes looks left and right in the implementation of measures to implement really effective and successful concepts. Furthermore, according to § 3 EkStG, companies can be tax-free up to 500€/year for each individual employee for (certified) health offers invest.

Another possibility is the reimbursement of prevention courses (§ 20 SGB V), which is possible through any statutory health insurance company. "A Conversation with an expert helps to find the right options here,” says Arne Dahlke, OHM consultant at the BKK VBU in Hamburg. “The decisive points for a BGM Concept are the tailor-made measures based on the individual environment of the CompanyAnd the Motivation of all employees, especially those who need to be promoted in particular. Health must be fun and not just understood as the absence of illness. "

Conclusion: working time is lifetime

Working time is lifetime! Therefore, it is simply important to be able to experience this time, but also to enjoy it. Of course, stress, pressure, and hustle-bustle is part of a working day, but it is important how we deal with it and tackle the challenges.

Occupational health entertainment can become an important factor here. True to the motto: “Happy employee = happy company”.

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