High time for Developer - the ITindustry is also booming in Germany and developers have every opportunity. How does this affect the desired salary and the claims on the Workplace out?

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Inventory of German developers

If today's media report the onset of a recession, it will not affect most tech-Corporate, But what about the developer scene? Who are these German developers, what are they looking for, wanting and experiencing?

Germany is doing well, especially in the labor market. Unemployment is at its lowest level since reunification, and it's going well for developers and IT specialists in particular. Exactly this rosy picture is also a survey of Stackovrflow with a total of 5.375 programmers from all over Germany.

German developers are still mostly male and live in Bavaria

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The survey shows that, as in previous years, the prototypical developer in Germany is still male (93,6 percent male, 5,4 percent female, 1,4 percent diverse/inter) and younger than 35 years and has a master’sStudy graduated from a university. It is noticeable that most of the participants are also outside of Vocational Training and university further education - in Germany that is more than 90 percent vs. internationally 85,5 percent.

Incidentally, two-thirds of the German participants studied computer science or software engineering in the traditional way. Compared to the rest of the World Germany still has more academics and scientists and fewer designers among the IT experts. More than half of the respondents are backend developers (51,4 percent) and almost 25 percent work on desktop and enterprise software. Most developers live in Bavaria (19,2 percent), North Rhine-Westphalia (16,7 percent), Berlin (15,8 percent) and Baden-Württemberg (14,9 percent).

Salaries of IT experts: Schnöder Mammon or ringing in the cashier?

Around two thirds of the respondents are either self-employed or for companies with up to 499 Employees employed. Preferably to earn development managers (median: EUR 86.000 annual salary), SREs (EUR 86.000 annual salary), DevOps specialists (EUR 69.500 annual salary) and data scientists/analysts (EUR 69.000 annual salary). What is particularly striking is that the average top earning positions are remarkably uniform internationally - so there are good things to be found as a programmer all over the world Money to earn.

The least money to take home continues to be game or graphic developer (median: 55.000 Euro annual salary) and designer (median: 52.000 Euro annual salary). Interestingly enough, salary levels also correlate with the job satisfaction of developers. The majority works between 40-44 hours a week (61,5 percent) - about ten hours more than the average 34,9 hours worked by all German employees.

Diversity in the developer community

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In the survey, the participants were also given the option of a third choice besides male and female as gender attribution. Accordingly, 93,6 percent of respondents are male, 5,4 percent female and 1,3 percent divers / inter. According to own statements, this third category also starts earliest with programming, whereby the average age of the first programming experience in Germany is generally younger than in the rest of the world (divers / inter: 13,2 years, male: 14,4 years, female: 16,7 years).

Interesting is also: Women as well as people who describe themselves as diverse/interest rate the office environment and corporate culture as well as time flexibility as the most important factors when assessing a potential job. They are also more likely than men to say that diversity is a Organization is a central concern for them (diverse/inter 36,6 percent; female 19,8 percent; male 6,3 percent).

Working environment and wishes of the developers

Overall, less than 10 percent of participants are actively seeking a new job, but about two thirds are interested in learning about new challenges. More than half of the respondents have taken on a new job over the past two years. This coincides with the international comparison.

A disruptive work environment (41,6 percent) and frequent Meetings (38,5 percent) are the biggest productivity killers for German developers. Compared to international respondents, people in Germany prefer flexible working hours (56,1 percent) and attach importance to the concrete Teamin which one works.

Bye mandatory attendance?

Another issue worth thinking about is workplace attendance. Only 7 percent of those surveyed - only half as many as in an international comparison - work full-time in the home office. On average, these developers have about 40 percent more programming experience than their colleagues in the Office .

Although 64 percent of those surveyed said they prefer to work in the office, around a third of the participants prefer to work from home. This means that the number of those who want to work from home is twice as large as those who are currently enjoying it - a statement that HR- and Recruiting-Professionals should take with them to their companies when looking for IT specialists.

Most popular programming languages

As far as pure programming language is concerned, this year JavaScript (62,6 percent), HTML / CSS (58,9 percent), SQL (51,7 percent), Java (43,9 percent) and Bash / Shell / PowerShell (42,6 percent) are at the top. Although Rust is only ranked 21 (4,5 percent) here, it is at the same time the most popular language of the developer community in Germany (82 percent). Second and third place are followed by TypeScript (75 percent) and Clojure (74,7 percent).

Respondents using Scala, Go, Objective-C and Rubin earn the highest salaries, averaging around €70.000 per year. For the third year in a row, Python is the programming language that most respondents want to use or learn (19,2 percent). Willingness to continue and improve Further Training is generally particularly pronounced among developers in Germany: More than 90 percent of those surveyed state that they have also acquired a new programming language, framework or tool outside of their formal training, and around a quarter of those surveyed have already taken part in a hackathon participated (23,5 percent). The majority of respondents also program in their free time (83,3 percent).

Elon Musk and the pessimism

What moves the programming community in this country besides the technical? Well, on the one hand, the respondents in Germany are among the most pessimistic in an international comparison. To the question "Become Peoplewho are born today have a better life?” only 56,2 percent of German developers answered yes. For comparison: in China, Ukraine and Russia, around 80 percent of those surveyed are convinced of this.

And which public figure do the developers in Germany think is the most influential? Elon is at the top of the podium Musk, closely followed by Jeff Bezos and Satya Nadella. And a full 2,4 percent of the developers even named themselves. Even Donald Trump got 1,8 percent of the votes.

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