colors can be in their Effect achieve a lot on our psyche. They touch our senses, trigger certain ones emotions and influence our decisions. Set Company use them correctly, strengthen brands and control buying impulses. But be careful: colors are not the same in all countries Significance. 4 tips.

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Colors are internationally differently connoted

Do you plan to go global with your website and products? Audience addressing them, there may be a few cultural pitfalls lurking on your way there that need to be avoided. Because different countries mean different color preferences.

Colors are internationally associated with certain characteristics and emotions, some of which are very different. Used incorrectly, they call in the worst case negative emotional reactions. That is why the right coloring of your company website is of importance that should not be underestimated.

Ensure market and target group-oriented response

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Arouse the user's interest by signing up for colors decidethat on that Behavior and the preferences of Internet users in the various foreign target markets are coordinated.

These should, according to the respective country understanding, to your Industry and your products or services.

4 tips against stumbling blocks in an international context

The following points show what different associations and reactions colors can evoke in website visitors in other countries, and how preferences differ from country to country. There are big differences, for example, between Asian and Western European websites.

1. quality products

If you want your product to be associated with quality and power on the website, the color scheme can vary greatly from country to country. In China, for example, the color black stands for power and quality. It is not a color of mourning as in our culture, but finds its use in professional contexts.

In neighboring South Korea, on the other hand, the color blue symbolizes power and quality and would be the best Choice. It is generally an extremely popular color among South Koreans. Blue stands for life and is reflected in the national flag. The color blue is also a recurring element in US companies, especially in the IT sector, and stands for Expertise and Background.

2. Accent color Yes or No?

The Chinese and Japanese like bright and bright colors on their websites. For the German Eye act these pages often overloaded and restless. But there are also country-specific differences in Asia. For example, the color red is in Chinese culture clear positively charged. It symbolizes happiness and wealth and is very popular.

In South Korea, on the other hand, the use of red should be avoided. The color can be in the non-communist state fast associated with the same and a person's name written in red signals the death of that person. Also on German websites, the use of too much red tends to have an alarming effect.

3. Color designs and their gradations

As already mentioned, both Japanese and Chinese website users like bright and bright colors. Pages can also be made more colorful in India, but with gradations. Here feel Internet users are particularly attracted to pastel and brown tones.

There are no necessarily avoidable colors for Indian websites and there is no need for a strict, uniform color design - but the user attaches great importance to a harmonious and aesthetic design of the site. Although colorful, the page should not look confusing. In South Korea, however, strong colors are rather unpopular. There, lighter background tones and softer colors are preferred on websites.

4. Create recognition features

The coloring on American websites is similar to that of Western European pages. Rather than using gaudy tones, website design relies more on the default color palette and emphasizes recognition features.

Certain colors associate the American Internet users with certain areas, such as the color blue with the area IT. American companies often refer to the color of their website to their company logos or their industry.


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Be aware of the different meanings of colors in foreign markets and give the appropriate importance to the color scheme of your website in an international context. Because, a color in a culture for hope and Trust can mean exactly the opposite in another.

Find out in advance about color connotations and conventions and include them in the planning for your website in a country-specific way - this way, cultural stumbling blocks can be easily avoided. With the right choice of color on the web, the users of the respective country feel addressed, they become aware of you and linger on your pages. Her Brand is positively proven.

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