Again and again crises arise Company different sectors face major challenges. These are particularly noticeable in personnel planning.

Incentives & fringe benefits to motivate employees: Small signals, big impact

Motivate employees in the pandemic

A good example was the pandemic: when quarantine was ordered for some employees because their contact persons tested too positive People were or even tested positive for Covid-19 themselves, they were out of work for a while.

The remaining team had to swap jobs or work overtime to incorporate the lost contingent. In addition, well-rehearsed teams were often no longer able to work together and the hygiene regulations sometimes meant major restrictions in everyday work, which were perceived as a burden.

How can companies keep their team happy

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For HR departments and company managements, the question arises again and again in crisis situations as to how they can manage it Team in the Stange to keep and to motivate.

In the media is always the Rede from the high burdens on nursing staff and retail clerks during this time. It goes without saying that representatives of these professional groups are at the forefront and sit down risks and are sometimes more challenged than before due to changed working conditions.

Set incentives instead of prohibitions

In many companies, longer working days or holiday bans are inevitably imposed in crisis situations. Factors that logically eat away at team motivation. Not only retail and care were affected in the pandemic, but also many other sectors. But bans are often the wrong way, as they are additionally demotivating act.

To make matters worse, employers often assess a situation differently than employees. Example home office: Working from home is not only pleasant for everyone. Because that too Contact to other colleagues and the distance from home is often important for psychological well-being. How can companies respond to this multitude of challenges and create balancing justice?

Incentives as a sign of appreciation

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In addition to financial remuneration for working hours or bonuses for special achievements, companies also have other options to encourage their employees Esteem to meet. So-called Fringe benefits are particularly popular and also widespread, - These include vouchers such as meal vouchers or fuel vouchers.

The individual employees often receive monthly fuel vouchers for a certain amount in order to reduce commuting costs or an additional payment in the form of vouchers for the company canteen or restaurants in the vicinity of the company location.

Special services for the team

Especially during the Christmas season, many HR managers decide to do this, and a special one at that Performance issue to the team. So let's get through this Christmas gifts employees support at the same time, but also motivate, without having to offer a salary increase or a specific bonus. It is important, however, that the recipients of the benefits in kind actually recognize the value as such. In order for this to be the case, it should be payments in kind that the employees really want to consume.

With food and fuel vouchers, however, it is often not enough. Because many prefer to take their own lunch from home or even don't own a car. Accordingly, prepaid cards are particularly practical, the purpose of which is not fixed, but which can be used to pay for numerous services and purchases. Be it a yoga class or grocery shopping.

Incentives as a competitive advantage

In the last few months, many people have been in their Job reached their limits or even exceeded them. Quite a few naturally question their employment in such a phase and consider whether the grass on the other bank is not a little greener. In key sectors in particular, there is currently strong competition for skilled workers. But recruiters know that financial reward isn't the only reason employees choose a company decide or stay with it in the long term. Management and the working atmosphere play a major role.

Small extras that employees receive can play a big role in this and provide an additional incentive to remain loyal to their employer. The psychological aspect of reciprocity should not be underestimated. Psychologists and behavioral researchers use this to describe a special feature of human nature that is always looking for compensation for performance. If we are given a gift, so feel we are more committed to giving back. Many know this from stands in shopping malls where they are offered free samples and then have to buy some of them afterwards. A similar dynamic also takes place in the employment relationship. If the employer gives an extra service to the employees that they are not actually obliged to do, many of them subconsciously feel obliged to give something back. Be it in the form of increased performance, greater reliability or loyalty.

Benefits in kind as an alternative to salary increases

Another field of application in which benefits are used instead of financial services are Salary discussions. Because depending on which income class the employee is already in, a salary jump can even lead to net losses.

Although the gross amount is increased, due to the higher tax class to which the person concerned then rises, he receives less net payment. To avoid this problem, tax-free benefits are often used. Instead of a salary increase, a payment in kind of a certain value is agreed. Gifts for personal occasions (e.g. birthdays, weddings, etc.) may be paid out tax-free up to 60 euros gross. In the case of one-time payments as a Christmas present, use can even be made of the allowance of up to 110 euros at the Christmas event.

Incentives for employees are more important than ever today

The past few months have been the same for many employees Industry a big challenge. In any case were change through the CoronaMeasures and related regulations for Economy and Society an der Agenda. Nursing professions in particular and trade often had to reach their limits and provide additional services.

Companies are therefore well advised to ensure employee motivation in order to maintain it. These little extras contribute positively to the working atmosphere, but also have psychological effects on employee retention and loyalty, making it easier to retain skilled workers and not to lose them, especially when they are needed most verlieren.

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