that we are in Job pressured so often feel, is also due to the fact that in many cases we want to meet implicit social expectations - although we ourselves may be others Opinions are. This can be seen not least in the use of social media at work.

Conformism & social conventions online: focus on the essentials

"Social media is a mindset"

Social media is omnipresent - and that is precisely why many feel increasingly annoyed and overwhelmed by it. On best of HR -® we have dealt with the topic again and again: In a contribution to the question of whether that Internet makes inefficient, I reported, for example, how fast you can get from stick to stick on the Internet and lose track of the endless choices. And even die-hard PR experts see social media and especially Facebook increasingly critical, even call it “the end of modesty”.

For me this is a sign that after every hype there is an increasingly critical approach to the topic - not only with regard to the capacities of Companybut also in terms of personal resources. Because if in addition to Facebook and Twitter, more and more new networks are added, Pinterest or Instagram, then it is no longer possible for the individual to keep track of things.

Specialization is required

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Because different target groups cavort in different networks, this is not advisable at all. But this is exactly where the social conventions mentioned at the beginning come into play: There is a certain basic attitude towards which social networks one should use. In my social media lectures I notice again and again that most people deal with social media with a certain Network associate that is mainly used by its target group, but does not give much thought to the basic communicative attitude behind it. A well-known social media expert wrote some time ago:

“Social media is not a technical thing. Facebook is not social media. Social media is a state of mind. It's about People. A Employees. A needs. About conversations. Around Ask and answers. Around Criticism. I see far too little of that. But newsrooms that cost 60.000 euros. And social media agencies whose CEOs laugh and say, 'I don't have time for Twitter. That's why we employ interns.'”

The cross with the social conventions

His utterance was heavily discussed on the net. But the subject is no less topical today. One social media manager wrote about why, increasingly annoyed by the blue giant, she wrote Facebook turned my back. That made waves. Your post was not only seen a few hundred times on Facebook spread, which suggests that she hit a nerve with it, but also heavily criticized - especially by some colleagues from the Industry.

Some doubt that a social media manager could afford to connect with Facebook zu verlieren; others found the farewell to Facebook even strange. Still others admired theirs Courage and basically agreed with her.

The Article And above all the reactions to it are a good example of how much people make themselves dependent on conventions in their everyday work. And how much their social media do Motivation, her work organization and her Time management influence. Because not only in social media, but also in many other areas, there are such implicit social expectations of what kind of services one has to provide in a certain position. About after Pattern: “What, you are an expert in the field and don’t know that?”

Can do anything? This can only go wrong

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At the time, the social media manager Quote wrote a second post on the reactions. In him she makes clearthat a single social media manager cannot cover all areas and inevitably has to specialize. This has resulted in an exciting discussion about social media management in small and medium-sized companies, target group specification and time management, which shows that this topic is in tune with the times and that many others feel the same way. Another freshly trained social media manager writes:

“I have this one too AnxietyThat I should now learn and master all channels in detail at the same time - is hardly possible. And if I have a lot of “bad luck”, I acquire one too customers, who then expects me to master all depths on all platforms and to be able to use them every day. That can only go wrong..."

It doesn't work without focus

So if you want to master the balancing act between social conventions and productive work, you have to think carefully about which channels you are using - and that also means leaving out channels.

But it won't work without focus: Nobody can do everything at the same time. Rather, specialization is the order of the day - because there is no time to cover all networks. Not even as a social media advisor, expert or agent.

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