Anyone who works in the fitness sector does not necessarily have to become a personal trainer or nutritionist. And yet these jobs are more varied than is often assumed. 6 top jobs of the Industry at a glance.

Job profile! & Careers in the fitness industry: 6 top jobs between muscle building & herbal bath

Desired career “Something with sport”: 6 top jobs in the fitness industry

Next to the statement "Something in the open air" one hears boy People When asked what they can imagine professionally in the coming months or years, they always say: "Something with sport or exercise". The fitness industry and all areas that are largely related to it have grown in recent years. The number of gym members, for example, which has increased almost exponentially in recent years, speaks volumes (corona is of course temporarily causing a severe setback).

So activities in the fitness field are likely to be a thriving Future have. Contrary to what you might think when you first think about the industry, they are versatile and often keep the person practicing them fit. In addition, you usually deal with halfway relaxed people with them - after all, they usually have and enjoy their free time while you work around them.

It is true that exercise and sport, which should lead to physical and mental well-being, usually play the most important role. What is undeniable, however, is that without a healthy, balanced diet rich in nutrients and fiber, even a lot of sport is not very effective. Fit is someone who moves and pays attention to what ends up on their plate every day in at least the same disciplined way. Eating and drinking the right things helps keep you fit and healthy healthy to be and to become and can even work against stress and anxiety.

1. Nutritional advice

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The more you deal with the topic of fitness, the more it becomes clear how important nutrition is in this context. Though defines the Duden, for example Fitness as “good physical condition, performance” and puts “[due to scheduled athletic training]” in brackets. If you read the definitions of the term on different websites, from different lexicons and specialist books, but comparatively clearthat there is hardly any unique Definition gives.

Because not every person intensively with a really healthy and especially on their own needs If you want to deal with coordinated nutrition, there is actually always a need for experts. This is where nutritionists with a focus on fitness come into play. As a self-employed nutritionist, for example, you can work after completing your training. For example, you take care of various customers who do intensive fitness either professionally or privately and adjust their diet to their training and individual needs Set wish planned coordinated.

As a rule, nutritionists do not have to cook themselves – at most occasionally for demonstration purposes. However, they put together detailed nutrition plans together with the customers and should be able to provide any Ask about fitness nutrition competently to be able to answer. There also in the Working world and especially in big ones Company workplace health promotion is playing an increasingly important role, nutritionists are increasingly taking care of this area. They then carry out training and courses in company kitchens or develop ideas and concepts for company care for employees.

2. Diet cuisine in the area of ​​sport and wellness

If consulting work is too theoretical and if you like to do it yourself Hand at the stove, then the area of ​​​​the diet kitchen could be right for you Young Professionals:be inside. These often work closely with nutritionists or the dietician department and produce food for people who need special diets.

In this case, special can mean that you cook for sports teams or even individual athletes or even accompany them on trips. Diet cooks are also needed in hospitals and rehabilitation centers, for example. Here you ensure that the restoration of the fitness of sick or impaired people is supported by the optimal nutrition. Special fitness or wellness facilities often also have their own diet cooks Team. You will then prepare delicious and healthy dishes for athletes and customers alike. Diet cuisine can also be cooked at the highest level, for example in luxurious wellness facilities.

creativity and good cooking skills are just as much in demand as adaptability to the individual wishes of those to be cooked and flexibility in working hours. If you want to be active in the field of diet cuisine, you should first complete a conventional cooking training. After another three years of "normal" professional experience, a professional Further Training to the diet cook. Depending on Chamber of Commerce and Industry However, the entry requirements can also vary here.

3. Personal trainer: in

The professional profile of the personal trainer has long since freed itself from the cliché that only some celebrities who are already completely fit anyway get such help. More and more people today rely on the instead Expertise an expert in the fitness sector and appreciate the advantages of one, two or even three training hours a week.

The basic requirement for a personal trainer is also your own physical fitness. Anyone who is unsportsmanlike will not only find it difficult to win customers because of their own credibility. Rather, it will also be difficult to present and partially participate in the often multiple training programs of the customers. Personal trainers - similar to nutritionists, only for sports - are able to create individually optimized plans for each customer customers zu draw up. They often train with the customers, which gives additional motivation. They also motivate you mentally by always giving tips, helping you through frustrating training passages and days and always cheering you on. They don't give up even in the most unsportsmanlike cases of hardship.

There is no standardized training to become a personal trainer, but there are various private training centers and training institutes with different content. Here you should inform yourself well in order not to run into overpriced offers. After training, you can also focus on a specific area of ​​fitness, such as bodybuilding. The stereotype that bodybuilding is all about lifting heavy irons should be long out of date. the topic is more complex than most people think and therefore also interesting for personal trainers. They support bodybuilders in their private lives, but above all competitive athletes, and help them again and again on their way to national or even international stages.

4. Fitness YouTuber: in

Social media, streaming and video platforms are booming. More and more people to earn with these platforms as self-employed not only their livelihood, but very good Money. Influencers in the broader sense are not just fitness models who present their hardened dream bodies on Instagram.

Young athletes, such as Pamela Reif, Sophia Thiel, David Lengauer or Sascha Huber, show it to hundreds of thousands or even millions of subscribers every week or even every day exciting fitness exercises and workouts that address different muscle groups or the whole body. Nutrition tips and cooking videos as well as private insights into the Everyday life given, which mostly revolves around fitness and targeted relaxation.

Anyone who is not afraid of being in public as a person and who feels comfortable in front of cameras can simply register with their own channel on YouTube and try their luck. Fitness YouTubers usually make money through:

Fitness YouTubers are self-employed and mostly shoot their own sports videos on their own.

5th masseur: in

The job profile of masseur also falls within the fitness area and is mainly about making stressed athletes: inner body healthier through targeted movements. You can become self-employed as a masseur, but you are often employed by rehabilitation clinics, wellness areas or medical practices. Especially when you have made a name for yourself in the "scene", you can end up in expensive hotels or even in professional sports and a decent one at that salary to earn.

What is exciting about the job of a masseur: in is certainly that you have to be in good shape yourself. Releasing neck tension with your own hands for several hours a day and relieving back pain requires a lot of strength endurance. Those who do not regularly do sports and strength training themselves will, as a masseur, not last long.

6. Technical expert: in for pool operation

Perhaps the most unusual-sounding Job on this list, and yet by no means the most boring, is that of the pool operation expert. The whole thing may sound a bit strange and, above all, it seems to have little to do with fitness. But far from it. Because as a specialist for swimming pool operations, after a successful three-year training course, safety in swimming pools can be ensured on the one hand, and swimming lessons can also be given on the other. Does everything sound a lot like the work of a lifeguard? No wonder, because the terms can basically be used synonymously.

Lifeguards: inside, however, they have to (be able to) carry out far more activities than many associate with their job. Most of the pool attendants are course instructors in modern and newer pool facilities: for various swimming courses or gymnastics courses. In addition, they even take swimming tests from time to time. And when things get tough, they may even have to act as lifeguards. In wellness facilities, on the other hand, they pour herbal baths on, for example, or introduce guests to spa and Kneipp baths and their health benefits.

your Tasks but also extend to the care and maintenance of sports and play equipment and of course the swimming pools and their contents. For example, they ensure that the water quality in the pools is always right. To do this, they take water samples and analyze them for impurities, the pH value and the chlorine content. The water treatment systems, the circulation pumps, heaters and water treatment filters are also regularly checked and maintained by lifeguards.

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