Doing something with the media – many people dream of that. 5 tips from people who are already getting started in front of or behind the camera successfully have mastered.


1. Targeted to board

"What about the media" is a frequently expressed career choice. Media professions are extremely diverse, however, and cover a whole range of disciplines.

Get your foot in the door

From the archivist to the sound engineer to the reporter, there are many entry points. Anyone who wants to get a foot in the door should first know in principle, in which area he wants to enter.

The Federal Employment Agency provides information on job descriptions, as does the Internet detailed job descriptions and insights can be found today. Only when you know where to go is it worth starting out.

Find your own niche

Then you can research specifically for training occupations and courses of study, read corresponding blogs and get specialist literature. After an undergraduate Vocational Training applies a specialization in the desired Job as helpful.

In the end, whoever discovers their own niche within the specific professional field wins. There are journalists who write almost exclusively on the subject of “mobile business ideas”. Anyone who successfully develops a niche can position themselves here as an expert and make their mark accordingly unique.

2. Volunteer or trainee program

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The traineeship in an editorial office is considered a classic entry into the media industry for anyone who wants to work in journalism. It offers the possibility of editorial processes, journalistic styles, Basics to get to know the research or the legal framework.

Trainee Trainee Program

In principle, traineeships are offered in every type of media, but they are often very popular and therefore usually difficult to obtain. What as Alternatives possible: a trainee program.

This training follows more economic and strategic aspects, but can also provide an entry into the media sector and is generally paid for better. Such a program usually takes between 12 and 24 months.

3. Generalist and specialist in one

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Often today, generalists are sought who work cross-medially and are familiar with very different areas. However, it can not hurt to stand out from the competition with special skills.

For example, For example, especially the programs for image and video editing, or in his final thesis explicitly concerned with the use of social media for the publishing industry, this can be a decisive advantage.

4. Self-publish

If you want to be editorial, ideally you should be active as a writer yourself. Blogs are a great way to do that today. Anyone who is able to set themes themselves and present them excitingly already proves important core competencies of today's media makers.

The own blog

Such a blog should cover topics with which you are well versed and which you Fun make. Whether the blog is about car sharing, Latin America or cycling is less important.

It should be recognizable that it is possible to attract readers and present interesting and interesting facts. Even the student newspaper or university radio can already be areas of activity in which one can get involved.

5. establish contacts

It's old hat, but who cares a good one Network contacts is more likely to hear about a vacancy than someone who only Jobs scoured the internet.

Use trade fairs and events

In order to make contacts, internships are just as suitable as special professional fairs (e.g. the trade fair “Getting Started”), or targeted professional days like the “Day of Media Professions” in the ARD capital studio in Berlin.

Here you can get in direct contact with employees of the respective professions and Ask place. Also the Online-world today offers countless opportunities to make contact.

Active in social media

For example, you can follow journalists and media companies on Twitter and get in touch with the right place Conversation participate in the network.

You don't just make fun of yourself that way I aufmerksam, but also understands the mechanisms of the media and stays “close to it” thematically.

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