Not just at Small Talk and professional appointments, business cards are important, they can even be used correctly Application substitute. 5 tips to look out for.

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Business cards - more than an advertising presence

It is good manners to exchange business cards at events and professional appointments. Because, despite all electronic means of communication, you are still the best Method, to maintain contact.

Business cards may seem dated act, but there's a good reason why you always have one Business-Card should have with you. Because an individually designed business card not only helps to exchange personal data or the advertising campaign the Company improve, but includes much more:

The gesture of handing it over conveys a special closeness and gives it a personal touch Contact a new dimension. You should therefore always have business cards to hand in your purse, in your pocket or in the car so that you can use them whenever you need them for your business success.

It's all about quality: A perfect business card is worth a thousand words

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Business cards say a lot more than you think. People anticipate an item they are in the Hand can hold a greater meaning than words too. Noble business cards made of high-quality cardboard or paper stimulate the sense of touch and look like they are a pleasure to hold.

It is therefore worthwhile to compare the different paper qualities when designing a business card. Some Online– provider of professional business cards such as will send you paper samples on request to help you with the decision support.

Business cards as a work sample and reference

Here you will also find design suggestions for your own personal business card. A business card should make you curious, express your individuality and your values, and identify you as an expert or service provider.

For people in creative professions, it is also a work sample. Noble business cards convey your high standards and are at the same time a status symbol. Avoid using cheap cards and put the design and printing in the hands of professional suppliers.

How To Design Your Business Card Online: 5 Tips

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Use business cards as a reminder for people who want to see you again. Of course, you can note the contact details or entered directly into the smartphone.

  1. Format: First choose the format of the card. The landscape format 85 × 54 mm is classic, but also inconspicuous. This practical card in the typical credit card size will fit in any card holder. A portrait format already stands out from the crowd. Business cards in larger formats stand out clearly, but can be interpreted by conservative business partners as showmanship and arrogance.
  2. Content: Limit yourself to the essential information. This includes company name and logo, first and last name, position, telephone number, address, Email-Address and website, possibly online profile or blog. Choose a maximum of two legible fonts and systematically divide the text blocks. Avoid running text and unnecessary frills.
  3. Material: The usual business cards are made of paper or cardboard. Different grammages, finely structured or smooth surfaces turn a small piece of paper into a haptic experience. For example, emphasize the company logo with an embossing, choose a high-quality linen texture, a partial finish or metallic accents for a lasting impression.
  4. The right material: Support the core message of your company when choosing the material. Imaginative business cards made of metal, leather, wood, chocolate or transparent plastic should suit the respective business area.
  5. Design elements: Decisive for the design of the company card is the corporate identity of the company. Within the CI colors, typefaces and logo are given. The business card should therefore be subordinate to the uniform advertising appearance of the company. The self-employed and artists are much freer when it comes to designing their business cards. Not infrequently, creative business cards also serve as work samples and signal the wealth of ideas of the other person.

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