The digital media change has completely changed the framework for corporate communication. The consumer, confident, uncompromising and sovereign, is now in charge. It demands interaction, an individual dialogue – and content.

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Not advertising chatter but content is needed

Press releases used to be Advertising the only major communication tools to reach a broad public in a targeted manner. Advertising is a monological form of Communication. Often one is properly brought up by them, not infrequently lied to and often sold for stupid. At least one is forced to sound whether you want it or not.

As a one-way message, often simple-minded and shrill, it interrupts our media consumption. Advertising is particularly bold in the form of pop-up banners on the web. But what attacks us without being asked, lies in wait for us and pursues us in a nuisance way, not only loses us Trust, but also acceptance. We are immune to many advertising formats: we no longer look, we no longer listen, we block them out.

Pull instead of push factor

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Enlightened consumers know very well themselves how they can provide themselves with the media when they need something. And they are not looking for advertising chatter, but high-quality, rich, useful and ideally entertaining content, so content.

Content can be in Internet into the most diverse channels, from where the content then spreads more or less virally. Through this self-publication on websites, blogs, community platforms, specialist, topic and news portals, in expertnetworks, on social media sites, etc., increased discoverability can not only be generated, but also controlled.

3 tips for viral content and backlinks

Good content is also shared to third parties on interesting offers I aufmerksam close. This results in a large number of visual contacts without having to pay for this additional range. In this way, forwarded content becomes an added value that can significantly influence purchasing decisions.

Finally, the produced content can be provided with backlinks to your own website, to the company blog, to a landing page or directly to the online shop. This can generate qualified leads, trigger immediate sales and new ones customers can be obtained very efficiently.

1. Use value for the readers - no ego content

How to send to old business hours many Company still primarily ego content on the market today. That means: You write, speak and post from your own perspective. Without reference to the recipient's concerns, companies report self-focused on themselves and their products, advantages, offers in the most diverse communication media. Ego-arguments are practically in the Welt shot out and poured unsorted over everything and everyone.

But he doesn't want everything that the company can do and a product can do Customer knowledge. In the end, he is only interested in one thing: solving his acute problem.

Today's consumers expect a company to be noble Set pursued as market leadership and maximum returns. They increasingly want to know what utility a provider has in the world and what People overall offers. This is best communicated through content.

2. Content: From the point of view of the recipient

Of course, pure information about a company and its offers for the market is also interesting. However, the decisive factor is not how great one is Solution from the provider's point of view, but what a potential customer gets out of it. He is interested in:

Who the best answers to such Ask delivers – and not who wraps himself in narcissistic clichés – will gain top priority in people's favour. And in the search engines, it ends up in the top hits.

So do not get annoyed with ego content! Nobody will be deeply grateful if you flood him every few days with information he does not need. And nobody likes those who constantly pat themselves on the back.

3. The Waterhole Strategy: How to Create Attraction

Stop chasing the market with hype. Rather build a content waterhole to be found by potential customers. Such a water hole magically attracts “thirsty” prospects. Instead of boasting act Communication measures are always particularly good for readers when a topic fits them perfectly, when it is prepared in a high-quality manner and written in understandable language. Reader-oriented texts like these are in demand:

Why this is increasingly important, for example, show the following figures from the business customer area:

Conclusion: Good content is fundamental

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A good contentStrategy plus some Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are fundamental, with content taking precedence over SEO, meaning readers taking precedence over search engines. At the same time, Google and Co. prefer high-quality content to inferior content (thin content).

Superficial, loveless texts that only once fast cheaply thrown together for SEO purposes have long since stopped working. The search engines thank you for both substance and search engine friendliness with top positions on the hit list.

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