The digital transformation is advancing and offers great learning potential for Corporate, However, it is only feasible with a transformation of the mindset among managers and employees. This can work with the help of the WIR formula.

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W like values

The technical adaptation in the area of ​​individuals, Shop, societies and entire nations offers a wealth of new opportunities.

Provided that the partly outdated value system develops at People and companies parallel to the knowledge age. It is not for nothing that the “W” in the first part of the WIR formula stands for “values”. Away from competitive thinking is the motto.

Much to learn

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Digital transformation has resulted in an increased network of people, data and organizations and offers new forms of communication as well as more possibilities for social interaction.

This in turn leads to increased connectivity. This, however, not only confronts us with the obvious technical learning process, but above all also with a personal learning process.

Image essential to scientists

Dr. Ijad Madisch, a Harvard trained virologist, gets the impression early on that the ego idea is particularly prevalent among scientists.

If he gets stuck in his experiments and asks his colleagues for help, he will be criticized. It is said that top researchers do not expose themselves by asking for help. It would be important to have an image superior Expertise to maintain.

ResearchGate as a social network for scientists

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Madisch, however, believes that science needs a global community in which progress is more important than egos. In 2008 he founded ResearchGate, a social one Network for scientists, designed to bring together the best minds on the planet.

Today it is used by around 12 million scientists in 200 countries, 10.000 new members are added every week and 2,5 million publications are uploaded every month. Reset is thus valued as a divisible good. There are, of course, more ways Esteem to maximize – for example with the following three tips:

  1. Reduce ego-thought: In order to work successfully and to make progress, one's own arrogance must be put back. The example shows: If you ignore the concern for your own image and can get tips, help or advice, or even give you some, you can increase the productivity of the company and the satisfaction of the employees.
  2. Rethinking the principles: Both our upbringing and our business world are based on the principle: “As much competition as possible. As little cooperation as necessary. ” Just as the size of the dinosaurs has not survived, this system of values ​​will not lead people and companies to success in the knowledge age. It means rethinking and changing principles. The new guiding principle is: “As much cooperation as possible. As little competition as necessary. ”
  3. Do not isolate knowledge: Whoever isolates, cherishes and cares knowledge in the ivory tower of his responsibilities, can be quickly suspended in the digital transformation or overlooked complex contexts. Only the ability to link knowledge to other disciplines or perspectives creates added value.

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