The only way fast getting rich is writing a book on how to get rich quick. If you look at the various offers on the market, whether in book form, as an electronic medium or as a seminar, you can only affirm this sentence. Because the desire for fast wealth seduces so many expenditurethat never pay for themselves.


Millionaire in a year - but who of us?

A guru related from his life
Like him with pure diligent pursuit
The Turnover increased
Refused to go to the tax office
Have to live months in jail then

There is a series of seminars entitled “Millionaire in 366 days - guaranteed”. In an annual program (because of the 366 days it must be a leap year), the participants will be registered according to the registration conditions by attendance training, telephone, eMail or Skype “trained” step by step to become a millionaire.

Stunning offers to get rich

The books on the subject (advertising)

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The cost of Further Training amount to a mere 10.000 EUR. For the organizer, the title has certainly already come true. Thanks to Google and Youtube, everyone can find out about the business model and their own Opinions form.

A stunning offer from another Company informs about the following offer (original text) in clumsy German. However, the company no longer exists (like many other promises of money). It's really a shame, it was such a great one Idea.

Ingenious business idea?

“One of the most ingenious business ideas of the 21st century. one is for sure, we will bring up more millionaires than any other company! We have the interface to the billion dollar markets Welt created!! we connect People, quality, life and leadership. Would you like an additional one Income of around €1.000 a day where you have €30.000 a month to earn and get a gift of €1.000.000 in the first year by only working 2-3 hours a day? We've created an incredible, (r)evolutionary money making system and we're telling the world about it! This Shop is suitable for everyone! You don't need any start-up capital! No financial Risks! zero euros Investment!!! "
Wealth was also promised on another website - the site no longer exists, surprisingly, doesn't it?

“From €1 you make €1.000.000 or much more. I was shocked how much Money came to my PayPal account. Invest only 30 minutes of your time and only 1€! Become a millionaire with just €1!! I promise you won't regret it! From €1 you make €1.000.000 or much more. You want to know how you too can get the €1.000.000?”

Gold digger mood on the Internet

Discounts for your success (advertising)!

Who in the Internet searches for the keywords “become a millionaire”, “get rich” and similar terms, the whole range of charlatans and luck gurus is presented to you Eyes guided.

Before you begin to ponder after paying your “teaching fee”, you should always keep in mind with all these tempting offers: Thinking yourself costs nothing. Above all, the company headquarters should be taken aback: London, Gibraltar and other more distant areas, into which the arm of the BGB does not reach.

Good advice is expensive - worse too!

Good advice is expensive, but so is bad advice. Things to Learn Listen to them and you will also benefit from those who talk nonsense. If you have the ultimate tip for the first million, why not keep it to yourself and get rich yourself?

It can be done in two ways: by one's own ability or by the stupidity of others - and the success of many depends on the stupidity of their admirers.

Top books on the subject

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