IT-Professions are becoming more and more important and employers are really courting relevant experts – such as system administrators. But what exactly do IT administrators do?

Job profile! System administrator: IT job with a future

What tasks do system administrators have in IT?

IT system administrators configure, operate, monitor and maintain networked systems as well System– and application software. You operate complex IT systems and ensure constant availability. They analyze and evaluate the need for software and hardware in one Company and to plan related purchases. They also install and configure software, systems and components. She to organize the operation of hardware and software, including automatic updates and backups, and are also responsible for user support.

In addition, IT system administrators manage servers and applications, determine user accounts, access rights and directory services. you analyze Problems, isolate and fix faults and develop guidelines and new technical concepts for system operation. They continue to develop the systems as needed and economically, taking into account the effects of the changes. IT system administrators also plan and check security measures against attacks from outside and inside and implement new security concepts. IT system administrators mainly work for companies whose systems they look after.

Specialization in new technologies

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It is also possible to specialize as an IT system administrator in the operation, monitoring and optimization of certain client-server systems, networks, operating systems or database systems. They can focus their work on continuous process support in the sense of ongoing customer service, adaptation programming and optimization of the basic systems or problem-oriented user or customer advice and training. Sales, IT project support or the Data protection offer specialization opportunities.

The demand for virtual server performance will increase rapidly over the next few years. More and more companies realize that virtual server management Costs helps to save, also requires fewer hardware purchases and is therefore less susceptible to maintenance. At the moment, VMware is still the top dog on the market. However, Microsoft will play the leading role here until 2013. Nevertheless, there is still plenty of room in a new market that is also being worked on by big players such as BMC Software, CA, HP and IBM/Tivoli. Server virtualization is just one part of a large future market that will increasingly make the companies of tomorrow hardware-free and CO2-neutral.

Teamwork is also required

Depending on the requirements, IT system administrators work as specialists alone or in Team with other professionals, especially operational professionals (professionals from the middle level of the IT training system). Since they often work together with others or partners and customers good communication skills and presentation skills are important. Suggested solutions to IT problems forms they klare and precise.

The standard tool of IT system administrators is the stationary computer or laptop. They use different operating systems, programming languages ​​and software programs. Besides, they are with networks trusted. documentation and reports draw up them using word processing software. They use a variety of storage media for data backup. In order to keep up to date with the rapid developments in the IT sector, they read relevant literature (partly in English) and inform themselves in the Internet. They work with customers and colleagues from other cities or countries by telephone, fax or e-mail.

Prerequisites, education and training

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IT system administrator is a Further Training in the form of self-study, which concludes with a certification process. The chambers of industry and commerce offer certifications for IT systems administrators (IHK). Preparatory courses for this usually take place part-time.

As part of a Federal Ministry for Education and research initiated and funded large-scale project to set up a modern IT training system, this was divided into three levels (career levels) that build on one another: specialists, operational and strategic professionals. IT system administrators belong to the specialist level. Further information is available from the Bitkom industry association (

Formalities at the start-up in brief

As a system administrator, you must be registered with the municipality/city where you have your Office or your place of business will have, register a trade. The regulatory office is responsible here, some municipal administrations also have their own trade office. You can register your business in person or in writing.

A one-time registration fee of 15 to 50 euros must be paid (varies from municipality to municipality). Traders have to pay trade tax from a profit of 24.500 euros a year, from one Turnover of 500.000 euros a year or 50.000 euros in profits, draw up balance sheets and immediately become a compulsory member of the IHK. The trade or regulatory office forwards the business registration to other bodies such as the tax office, the chamber of commerce and industry, the register court and the trade association.

Career opportunities with a future

System administration is a market in which there will be many innovations in the coming years that are still in their infancy today. So if you use the current situation to raise awareness of new technologies such as server virtualization in companies, then you can be at the forefront in the future.

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