Gerade Boy Company should attach importance to generating reach and visibility with the right marketing measures. 5 basic steps.

Marketing strategy for startups & companies: Increase sales with visibility

Generate reach through targeted marketing

The Objective Every marketing activity should aim to generate reach and generate reach again. However, many entrepreneurs shy away from marketing activities, as these often involve high costs Costs are connected.

There is a simple reason for this: Many companies still calculate with a low marketing budget, since a return on investment is sometimes difficult to determine. In principle, however, it is a strategic mistake to postpone marketing campaigns for cost reasons and to schedule them to be carried out at an indefinite time.

Why the right marketing strategy is essential, especially for young companies

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Especially young companies and entrepreneur have to acquire new customers and this is only possible through a certain visibility and reach. Of course, every entrepreneur will try their own Network to use to get orders and therefore also Turnover to generate, but in order to secure sustainable income, the desired target group must be addressed to create new Business to advance

It is Marketing Not just something for large companies, small companies can also benefit from targeted advertising for their company - with marketing measures that achieve the desired benefit without high costs.

5 steps: The perfect marketing strategy for startups and young companies

Anyone in the early stages of founding a company on the market successfully wants to be should follow the steps below to increase its reach, visibility and hence its Effect on customers to boost.

1. The right marketing concept

Creating a marketing concept is difficult, but successful marketers are guided by a clear and specific approach to their work Idea lead. The best marketing concepts are concise, creative, and make a strong impression with a limited number of words. The following steps will help you come up with the perfect marketing concept draw up:

  1. Define your target audience
  2. Choose your message
  3. Craft a message that engages people
  4. Use the five Ws technique to write an informative paragraph about your product or service
  5. Make sure you have supporting images!

2. Generate reach via email marketing

A marketing department wants as many as possible People If you want to address them without driving up costs, you can use a targeted email campaign, such as is possible with providers such as Sendinblue. Even today, an email has not lost its effectiveness and this type of targeted approach should be part of every modern marketing campaign. Since many companies send information by email, it is important to personalize the campaigns and address the recipient personally. Before starting a campaign, it is recommended to choose a provider that has a high Expertise in the area of ​​email marketing and offers effective assistance.

A reputable provider will point out to a company that the e-mails must always be tailored to the desired target group in order to arouse the interest of as many new customers as possible. If you look at the return on investment of an e-mail campaign, an average turnover of 49 euros is achieved with one euro spent. At the same time, running an email campaign offers the benefit of a one-to-oneCommunication takes place, which at a certain customer retention can lead. What is important is that the desired one message is noticed by potential customers and the company thus increases its visibility.

3. Your own website

Without a website, it is difficult for companies to survive in the market. A website should not only define the pure self-portrayal, but also the corporate image and goals. With a consistent corporate identity, a high level of recognition is generated and a Customer will immediately connect the website with the desired company values. But a website is only important if it is Success factor, if the page is kept up to date. It is important to plan a certain budget for maintenance and support.

Security gaps in particular can cause enormous image damage, which can be avoided by regular maintenance work. It is important that the website is clearly designed and that the customer has all the information they want fast finds and likes to return to the site. If you also run one Onlineshop, care must be taken to ensure that it is easy to use and has legal certainty so that the customer can purchase a product without any problems and use the shop for further purchases. There are a number of useful tools for this, German Market, which is used in WordPress.

4. Reach the right audience

With every marketing campaign, a company should clearly define the desired target group. If the target group is defined, the address should only be aimed at this customer group.

The success of a campaign basically depends on whether the right people have been addressed and whether they consider the information to be relevant.

5. Effect control

But a practicable effect control is also part of today Planning your marketing activities. Not only is this more efficient, it also saves you time so you can focus on your core business. The following Ask should you be able to answer:

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