Stress and Bullying can make you sick. Therefore, you should do everything you can to prevent a bad working atmosphere in your company Workplace to improve. We show how.

Reduce stress in a healthy way against bullying at work: Improve a bad working atmosphere with 10 tips

Bad working conditionpurple: When the job makes you sick

That the working conditions in Company are not always optimal, that's what many entrepreneurs can tell you. It is also well known that stress and bullying can make you sick. What is new is that this can even lead to whole series of suicides in companies. Tips so that it doesn't get that far in the first place.

The large France Télécom group recorded 35 suicides among its employees in two years. Reason for the sad result: bad working conditions, stress and bullying. At the electrical giant Foxconn, which produces for Apple, Hewlett-Packard, Dell, Sony and Nokia, among others, ten employees committed suicide within a few months. Workers accuse the group of unbearable working conditions.

Beware of the risk of suicide from unhealthy jobs

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Even if suicide series in companies for sure Extreme cases are, they show one thing very clearly: stress and bullying at work is for many People a Problem - also in management floors. A survey of the European Onlinejob market StepStone suggests that a good third of German specialist and Executives the work stress is already affecting the reserves - up to clear bournout symptoms, which a quarter feels. And according to a report by the “New Quality of the Arbeit ”eleven percent of employees in Germany have already been bullied.

Because although stress and bullying are always caused by external factors such as bosses, colleagues or the economic situation, everyone can do something about it themselves. For example, by trying to avoid stress through a correct timing, relaxing regularly and doing sports. In the case of bullying, it is important to get advice and help from others and to set limits to the perpetrator in good time so that the perpetrator does not feel confirmed that he is still bullying.

Those who cannot switch off are more prone to stress

Various scientific studies have also shown that continuing work-related activities after work has a significant negative impact on productivity and recovery and can permanently damage the stress level and thus the working atmosphere. Or to put it briefly: Those who cannot switch off are more prone to stress!

A two-year study of 230 healthcare workers was conducted in the Netherlands. This showed that the employees who carry out work-related activities outside of the regular working hours did not have enough time to do their Energy replenish through leisure or sleep. These activities include emailing, texting, and social media related to work.

Please separate free time and work strictly

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Above all, modern technologies increasingly mean that the Employees in their free time at their workplace none Distance have more to work with, eliminating the boundaries between work and home. In this way, digital development clearly influences well-being. Some tools devices are also quite addictive, so it's important to get advice on how to control the use of these tools.

Because when you have finished work and are still mentally involved in work-related activities, it becomes more and more difficult to separate these areas. But that is exactly what is really bad for recovery, work stress and sleep quality. The level of fatigue and stress potential then increases significantly.

What helps against not being able to switch off?

Additionally, there are some very stressful jobs and the ability to detach emotionally and cognitively is especially important in these jobs. These include, for example, so-called care professions. The mental and physical Health and the well-being of the employees should be in the foreground, which unfortunately is often not the case.

Conversely, what helps are low-effort activities like reading, listening to music, and watching TV, which help detach individuals from work and replenish personal resources, while household activities like cooking and childcare have a positive impact on sleep quality. A healthy balance in all areas of life is important.

What can companies do to create a healthy work environment?

But there are also things that companies can do with regard to process optimization and corporate culture, for example when the Executive sets a good example by not sending emails outside of working hours and some klare sets parameters for it.

Outside of the appropriate hours, companies should not require their employees to be emotionally and cognitively involved with work and also offer advice on activities that cause illness. Overall, a trusting dialogue between managers and employees is important in order to promote a healthy working atmosphere.

10 tips: Here's what you can do to improve the working atmosphere

Stress and bullying are external factors that worsen the working atmosphere. Nevertheless, you can also contribute something to improvement.

  1. Take care of your needs: Clarify what causes the perceived stress. Ask yourself which needs and goals you have neglected or which factors are particularly stressful for you.
  2. Work not less, but differently: Change something in time. Divide your work in such a way that your strength is retained in the long term and that you do not neglect hobbies, family and friends.
  3. Curb your perfectionism: A common stress factor: Too high demands on yourself, which put yourself under pressure and lose the joy of work. So try to see things a little more calmly.
  4. Time management: Notice how much time you spend on unnecessary work. Prioritize and, most importantly, do the important and urgent tasks.
  5. Work efficiently towards goals: Less is sometimes more. If you keep your goals in mind and work towards them, you will achieve more than blind actionism.
  6. Relax: Relaxation techniques such as progressive muscle relaxation, autogenic training or yoga will help you relax.
  7. Live healthy: Eat a healthy diet, get enough sleep and exercise. This is because you strengthen your immune system and can react more evenly to stress.
  8. Switch off: It is important that, in addition to your job, you always have phases in which you can switch off completely. Because only then can your body regenerate.
  9. Talk to colleagues: Good contacts with colleagues and openness help to avoid discrepancies and bullying. Talk to coworkers when the mood gets bad.
  10. Remain factual in conflicts: If a dispute arises: Remain objective, do not blame others, which could result in long-simmering conflicts.

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