Not addressing unpleasant things and avoiding conflicts: Too often we hide our true ones Opinions, instead of clear to put the cards on the table.

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I recently received a request from an agency to apply for a Projects of the Federal Ministry of Education and wanted to book research. I should submit a calculation as soon as possible. Now I was in the final phase of my book and had, everything but no time.

So by timely I took what I wanted to mean: sometime next week or so. As it turned out later on inquiry, "promptly" in this case meant: immediately and immediately! Apparently he wanted Employees polite to the agency and therefore had not communicated his wishes clearly. And so we happily communicated past one another. It would have been better to put the cards on the table right away: that would have saved time and increased efficiency and productivity.

He who does not say what he means is himself to blame!

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A good example of a failed one Communication, as it occurs again and again in everyday work – between Customer and contractors, between colleagues and between bosses and employees. In fact, quite a few have People Difficulty articulating what they really want.

There are several reasons for this: For example, personal insecurity, which actually also occurs among bosses. And – often resulting from insecurity – the desire to be liked by your employees. That's why quite a few take a cuddly course, which makes the communication partner happy at the moment, but for them in the long term Work organization and productivity is anything but helpful.

The right management style: just do not cuddle!

The management trainer and best of HR -® author Roland Jäger snuggled himself up in his bestseller “: Inconvenient truths for the Manager – Employee management put to the test”, for example with cuddly bosses and their quirks. He comes to the conclusion: bosses treat their employees like that nice and want to make it as pleasant as possible and forget to say what's actually going on are simply out of place as a boss.

The clear reason for this: you are simply acting against the well-being of the company. This was the attitude Jäger had when he appeared on the TV panel Anne Will last year, the role of the bogeyman who takes the tough management course. His opinion is far more differentiated when describing the different types of cuddly chefs:

Others lose weight in thinking and acting

For example, Mr. Lieblich, who does the work for the new employee because he is not yet able to do it properly. Ms. Babel, who is annoyed every time the employees in the various departments talk past one another - but who also takes on the role of mediator every time.

Or Mr. Grundner, who is asked to provide one Streit to settle, with which he actually has nothing to do. And they all have the same Problem: Instead of leading and clearly communicating where the journey should go, they relieve their employees of the need to think and act independently. And they are starting to trust that the boss will always fix it.

Secret slave drivers

Of course, not all bosses who can not communicate clearly are equally overprotective. There are also the secret slave drivers:

Those who quietly expect the staff to work around the clock, day and night Company there, but they know that they can not speak it openly. And who therefore prowl around the clear statement like the cat around the bush in the hope, the employee advises at some point that he should actually do much more.

Say clearly what you want!

Because just when displeasure or resistance is to be feared, many people tend to paraphrase rather than speak plain language. Motto: "He'll understand that somehow". It usually doesn't, as the introductory example shows. Because most people only understand what they want to understand if you give them the Wahl leaves.

Or misunderstandings arise because the other person did not quite understand exactly what you want from him. The result is often unsightly conflicts. Therefore, the maxim is always: say what you mean - as clear and as clear as necessary. And as friendly as possible.

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