A successful, successful life is not something that is born from the fairy godmother, it has to be worked for and needs a vision. 5+10 tips.


Why our lives need a vision

A vision is a clear idea or goal that we have for ourselves and our lives. It gives us direction and motivates us to work hard and overcome obstacles to achieve our dreams. With Sinn fulfilled, it is more than a series of days and years. Many gifts needed for this lie dormant within us.

Visions play an important role in one's life as they help us to achieve our goals Set to define and shape our professional careers. A vision statement on the resume shows potential employers that we think long-term and are willing to develop further.

What can visions look like in your vita?

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A vision in your CV can take different forms. For example, you could consider your vision as a career goal formsthat you want to achieve. For example, this could be the position you are in in a particular Company want to achieve or the Industryin which you would like to work.

Another option is to use your vision as a contribution to the Society to describe. Maybe you want to start an organization that supports a specific social or environmental cause. Or you want in yours Job contribute to the Quality of life another People to improve.

Good life visions are realistic and attainable

It is important that your vision is realistic and achievable. A vision should be inspiring but also aligned with your skills and interests. It is advisable to regularly review and adjust your vision as your goals and objectives change priorities can change over time.

It is important to emphasize that a realistic vision does not mean that we have to settle for it Status quo satisfied give or limit our dreams. Rather, a realistic vision is one that has a solid foundation and allows us to pursue our goals in an achievable and sustainable way.

5 good reasons for realistic visions of life

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A realistic vision is one that is based on a solid foundation and consistent with existing resources, capabilities and circumstances. Here are some reasons why visions need to be realistic:

  1. Feasibility: A realistic vision is one that can actually be implemented. It takes into account existing resources, such as time, money, skills and support. If a vision is too big or too unrealistic, it can quickly become discouraging and lead to frustration. A realistic vision allows us to take concrete steps and make progress.
  2. Motivation: A realistic vision is motivating because it appears achievable. When we feel that our vision is within reach, we are more willing to put in the effort necessary to make it a reality. An unrealistic vision, on the other hand, can lead to frustration and disappointment as we may feel like we will never be able to achieve it.
  3. Credibility: A realistic vision is credible and compelling. When we share our vision with others, we want them to take us seriously and support us. A vision that seems too far-fetched or unrealistic can cause doubt and skepticism in others. A realistic vision, on the other hand, can inspire and encourage others to join us and support us in achieving our goals.
  4. Adaptability: A realistic vision allows us to be flexible and adapt to changing circumstances. Life is unpredictable and unexpected obstacles may arise. A vision that is too rigid or unrealistic can prevent us from finding alternative paths and taking advantage of new opportunities. A realistic vision, on the other hand, allows us to adjust our goals and find new ways to achieve our vision.
  5. Sustainability: A realistic vision is sustainable and long-term. It takes into account the impact of our actions on the environment, society and ourselves. An unrealistic vision can cause us to overwhelm ourselves or deplete our resources. A realistic vision, on the other hand, allows us to pursue our goals in a sustainable way and achieve long-term success.

How your vision can help you find your dream job

To present your vision in your resume, you can mention it in your personal profile or in a separate section about your goals and vision. Describe your vision clear and succinctly and explain how you are working to make them happen. Show that you are willing to do the necessary things steps to achieve your vision and that you have the necessary skills and qualifications feature.

A vision statement on your resume can show employers that you are motivated, goal-oriented, and willing to take on responsibility. It can help you stand out from other applicants and demonstrate your potential.

10 Tips - Your Vita becomes a masterpiece

Be the personal Competencies When used consciously to shape your life, it can become a personal masterpiece. 10 tips like yours Life becomes a true masterpiece.

  1. Visions become reality: If we speak of a masterpiece, Michelangelo's David, da Vinci's Mona Lisa, Ravels Boléro, or Vivaldi's four-year-olds can be found quickly. Since there is nothing more to improve. The artists have created something unique. They have used all their skills, all their possibilities. Their visions became reality in these imperishable masterpieces.
  2. Start small: A masterpiece is not a beginner's attempt. A long process of learning and experimenting, developing and improving went ahead. A lot of experience had to be gained before a long period of work by the artist with a masterpiece was completed. It is no different with our life. Born into a certain environment, every personal career is shaped by very different factors from the start.
  3. To actively contribute to our own future: By formulating goals and trying to realize visions, we can influence our lives according to our ideas. We must recognize, develop and improve our talents. So do not be satisfied, but always expand the horizon - which is sometimes associated with hardship. A hardship that no outstanding artist has ever spared!
  4. Live your masterpiece: It is only because masterpieces have a very special relationship with their creator that they are so unique. They did not create their works on the side. They pursued a very special goal and used their resources specifically for this. It is only the crescendo that makes Ravel's dance, with its constantly repeating melody, the famous “Boléro”.
  5. The tool passion: Each profession has its own tools. For the composer, the note paper, for which the painter draws canvas and brush, B. for the seller's virtuoso deal with customers and their needs. To recognize and gratify these, he needs passion as well as an artist. The systematic use of one's own competencies is the personal design tool - both in the workplace and in the life environment. Personal growth is decisively influenced by this.
  6. The time factor: Not everything will succeed in the first attempt. The resource time gives us the opportunity to repeat things, make things better in the second run, or sometimes simply run them. This does not mean simply to let go of something and leave it to yourself, because you may be sorry.
  7. Let things run: Running a bit can also mean that you can see how it develops without any effort, then to intervene at the decisive point or accept the result.
  8. Hectic does not make progress: Too much activity can be distracting from the actual goal by hustle and bustle. A phase of intense activity can end at a slower pace. In art are rest and movement, tension and relaxation styling. If the opposites are balanced, the result is balanced, alive and expressive, as is the David of Michelangelo.
  9. Motivation from inside and outside: It is neither easy for artists nor for life artists to create a masterpiece or to make your own life a masterpiece. It is not only artists who turn to the petitioner because their work does not receive the necessary recognition. Even sellers know this too well, they are dubbed "jack-up cleaners" or "pick-ups".
  10. To remember the beginning: If there are doubts as to whether it is still the right way and whether the masterpiece can be accomplished at all, you should remember your original “why”. At the beginning of their careers, everyone had a reason to take up this job. Those who become aware of their “why” will also find the energy to complete the masterpiece. Or as Rainer Maria Rilke put it: “I live my life in growing rings that stretch over things. I may not do the last one, but I want to try it. ”

Conclusion: Many small steps bring success

Finally, it should be emphasized that visions can be a valuable addition to your CV. They show that you are beyond your professional background Future thinking and willing to take the necessary steps to achieve your goals.

A clear vision can help you achieve your Career to move forward and lead a fulfilling and successful life. But the goals it contains must be realistic. Many small steps will achieve this Success – and lots of tips too. Therefore: good luck with that Implementation.

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