Promotion and career bring more Money? We have analyzed the salary data for selected professional groups for you, which makes it clear from the employee and personnel perspective: more responsibility does not always have to be an advantage.

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Promotion, responsibility, salary as the holy grail of working life

For many, promotion to a higher position is the pinnacle of professional success. More responsibility, career and salary is considered the holy grail of working life. We have all read about it or wished for it in our lives.

Almost every person dreams of achieving something big in their life and growing into a mature and responsible adult who has a brilliant Future has in front of him. We all want to be promoted, and we all want to work for more responsibility, higher pay and better hours. And the more responsibilities, career, and salary you have, the greater your chances of promotion, job security, and a better salary.

The downside of the medallion

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But there are many disadvantages associated with this dream in return. A promotion in particular also brings with it some disadvantages that you may not have considered. As with everything in life, there are some aspects of promotion to higher positions that may not be so nice.

Today I will therefore write about the disadvantages of more responsibility, career and salary. Because with more responsibility comes more commitment and it is lightto get tangled up in the inevitable politics that comes with increased power and influence. Even if you're willing to accept the challenges of a promotion, such as spending less time with friends and Family it is important to consider the downsides of being promoted to a dead end.

The fear of too big a change

Also, a career change isn't always easy and most People really have Anxiety before changes. Also, not all changes are always good for everyone. It's a lot easier that Control to keep and pretend it's all in Order were. This is especially true for people who are attached to a specific position and a specific Status are used to.

If you are then promoted, you can get used to it: it's so easy to take your new position for granted. Whereby the amount of the salary is usually considered recognition of Performance is understood and should increase continuously over the years through professional experience, job changes and concrete successes.

Caution: the pressure not to make mistakes

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And that too can happen: when you reach a certain level of responsibility and power, you can find yourself in a position where you can no longer make the same mistakes and get away with them. Gone are the days when you could do something wrong as long as you took it back. This pressure can weigh heavily on your shoulders.

This is how many of us find each other fast again in a kind of mental impasse that doesn't have much room for growth offers. The very nature of things makes it very difficult to level up when you don't have room to grow. This situation can be very stressful and scary because the height of the fall suddenly becomes very large.

More work satisfaction due to higher salary?

In addition, there is an exciting social automatism: job satisfaction and Motivation are usually associated with the amount of the salary and the im Everyday life experienced Esteem associated by superiors and colleagues. There is the higher salary, the greater responsibility and the higher title, so you automatically have to be happier. But unfortunately that is not the case at all.

So there are good reasons to question these expectations. Because both from the employer's perspective and the employee's perspective, there can be understandable reasons to think twice about a promotion. There are some occupational groups whose career structure offers little salary scope in the lower and middle range and usually comes to a standstill after a career jump.

Selected professional examples

The following table presents the salary data of selected occupational groups, which show a dilemma in the employment biography, both from the perspective of the employees and the staff: the tension between transport, increase in responsibility and salary.

In the selected professions, the first level with technical and/or disciplinary personnel responsibility was chosen in order to shed light on the real salary advantage. The fields of employment call center, care and Education as well as gastronomy form the basis for further considerations. The salary data is from the past 12 months and was provided by the compensation consultancy Compensation Partner:

Job Title:Median annual salary:monthly.Plus:
Team Leader Call Center 27.768 € 2.314 € 504 €
call center agent 21.720 € 1.810 €
deputy head 36.168 € 3.014 € 514 €
Educator daycare 30.000 € 2.500 €
Deputy Head of Department 38.634 € 3.219 € 411 €
Nurse / nurses 33.701 € 2.808 €
Laundry line 30.791 € 2.565 € 639 €
Housekeeper / in 23.117 € 1.926 €
restaurant manager 26.400 € 2.200 € 422 €
Restaurant / -frau 21.337 € 1.778 €

The employee perspective

A team leader position has to be filled and the Executive already has someone in his sights who would fit in well. What sounds very flattering to the chosen one at first glance, however, can bring more disadvantages than advantages on closer inspection.
In all five professional groups, the next higher management level assumes overall responsibility for day-to-day business and has to help out or step in in the event of a personnel emergency.

All professions have in common that high quality standards in the form of health regulations or certifications must be observed and these are sometimes very costly documented. In the case of misconduct or a breach by employees, the lower management level is initially held responsible.

5 disadvantages of more responsibility, career and salary

  1. Attention overtime! What many do not consider: More responsibility often means more overtime. Accountability, fluctuation, achievement of the management's goals, which must be met, and many other requirements can be enumerated when the increase in responsibility is considered in its entirety. This increases the stress factor, on the other hand, it also means more work. Often, a willingness to work overtime is assumed, which can be regarded as compensated by the salary levy.
  2. Living with the decision: Turn down a promotion and live with it? This can make sense from the employee's point of view, because sometimes a new job title is primarily associated with a strong commitment of time and emotional investment, without the salary catching up to a relevant extent.
  3. A salary plus can become a minus: Financially particularly negative, it can be for the restaurant manager, according to the Compensation partner only a plus of monthly gross 422 € and usually no more tip gets. This example is, however, also a special one since this position is the only one that often provides a switch for the change to self-employment. This financially unsatisfactory situation is often accepted because it serves a further career step.
  4. Thinking about your further career: A second career jump with a significant salary increase is not really provided for in many other examples, so can the curious case occur that a teacher with many years of professional experience has a better merit than a social worker in a managerial capacity. Their salary is determined not only by more responsibility, but also by the number of children / facility area to be supervised.
  5. Rejecting the promotion offers more potential for advancement: Sometimes the refusal of a promotion or the conscious decision not to send an internal application can serve the career much more. The liberalized training market offers a large number of opportunities to qualify part-time, in order to then raise the professional experience from day-to-day business to a new (salary) level.

From superiors perspective

The motives for an outright promotion can vary widely, although the main cause is clear is: The store should run and the employee should relieve the boss. Nevertheless, a responsible handling of a transport should take place.

A big Risks consists of “burning” on a post. Not infrequently make possible Candidates on yourself I aufmerksamwho show a high level of work performance under a strong commitment of time. In itself a desirable quality - but it lacks something concrete Deselect for the fulfillment of Tasks, the overload is inevitable.

Employees gently build up instead of burning?

Solid familiarization and support should be a matter of course, but the boss can give the candidate more preference in a more relaxed manner - even if he is not the top performer of the team. Because someone who “rolls over” permanently will find it difficult to survive the long dry spell at a level of responsibility.

On the other hand, it would be best to carefully build up a promising employee. Sophisticated talent management does not necessarily have to be in place. recognition and qualification Hand go hand in hand when a manager thinks about job enrichment, offers to participate in project work or even grants time off for further training.

The worry that money invested in the employee migrates with this is not to be swept aside, but permanently no alternative, if job satisfaction, performance and expectations of a reasonable salary development to be balanced.

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