If you, like us, have a business relationship with an American one Company enters, in whose concepts the Term Optimism plays a really important role, then is for People from the European culture area like me, caution is advised. Why? Because there is probably no country on the Welt where optimism is given as much importance as a personality trait as it is in the USA.


Optimism as a basic attitude

The phrase “Yes, we can!” was one of the main reasons Barack Obama won the 2007 presidential election because optimism, as a fundamental attitude to life, is nowhere more lived and shown openly than in the United States.

Perhaps it was above all optimists who broke out of Europe centuries ago to find their happiness on this continent, and perhaps this optimism has been so deeply drawn into American culture.

If malfunctions are detected too late

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Perhaps this optimism is also responsible for the fact that the country has developed into the largest economic power in the world. But perhaps he is also responsible for the fact that the country recognized undesirable developments too late and has been slowly developing from the largest economic power in the world into a developing country with ever-increasing growth poverty reverse engineered.

Perhaps, on the other hand, it is much more fundamental to pessimism, which leads us to do our homework and to be careful. Perhaps, however, this pessimism leads to our own disadvantage that we recognize opportunities, but they do not seize them consistently enough.

Is optimism better than pessimism?

Maybe we could with a little more realistic optimism instead of realistic pessimism clear be more successful and above all happier. This is and will also be in Future be hard to substantiate because things we haven't done or waysthat we didn't leave don't exist either. The question "What would have happened if..." cannot be answered and in any case one remains in the realm of assumptions.

When we, and I am expressly talking about ourselves and our American partners, about optimism, we always mean "realistic optimism". This term describes the highly resilient people's inherent belief or attitude that things will turn positive.

Turn things around for the better

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So after the rain comes the sunshine. What distinguishes optimism from realistic optimism is that the latter is always based on actual circumstances, i.e. reality Honestly in the Eye is watched.

Let us assume, for example, that your doctor diagnoses a disease that is not life-threatening, but will lead you to take medications every day until the end of your life.

The greatest opportunity for your life?

A realistic optimist will say on this basis that it is a pity but that he can nevertheless lead a happy life, while the optimist will say on the basis that this is the greatest chance of his life and he is now really happy will be. This does not have to, but can be completely overprinted.

As with any other resilience factor, caution is advised in optimism and this has reasons. You should not drive your optimism to the maximum in order to be able to assess situations in a realistic way.

To whom would you delegate the responsibility for a nuclear power plant

On the other hand, he is the only factor that must always be seen in connection with the activity that you are exercising and possibly loving. Who would you rather take responsibility for a nuclear power plant:

A realistic pessimist or a realistic optimist? Who would you rather hire as a controller in your company: a realistic pessimist or a realistic optimist?

Optimists are happier

Psychological research provides us with clear indications that optimists are actually more successful and happier than other people, and this becomes clear when we consider the following example:

You have your own company and a few weeks ago, in the shower, you had what you thought was an ingenious new product idea. You don't have time to implement it yourself, so you're thinking about which one Employees in your Team You will be entrusted with this task.

Show problems - or the solution

You have two very excellent and qualified employees who you trust to do this, and decide agree to have one-to-one conversations with them. Employee A hears yours Idea and, in the course of the conversation, points out to you down to the last detail the things that could make it all not work out. You have no way of knowing that he's actually a huge Lust has to implement the project.

Employee B has exactly the same desire for it and also shows it at one point or another risks but in the same breath describes how to solve them relatively easily. He even complements your idea, finds more ideas and that Conversation takes two hours instead of one. Who will you hand over the project to?

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