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Company offers such as check-ups, consultations or exercise programs are on the agenda of more and more employers and today are often part of employer branding. What is missing, however, is a qualified junior doctor who is dedicated to these tasks. A review.

Occupational medicine: Not the first choice

First, the good news for all doctors looking for a job: Open positions for occupational physicians are difficult to fill and 53 percent of all occupational physicians are older than 60 years.

I, on the other hand, belong to the remaining 47 percent. I am the technical director of occupational medicine and responsible for the area of ​​occupational health management (BGM) at the Institute for Occupational Safety, Occupational Medicine and Prävention of ASAM praevent GmbH.

The view of the whole

I have been a company doctor for almost twelve years. However, it wasn't the first Wahl in my professional career. After my medicineStudy I worked in an acute care hospital in the internal medicine department and in the emergency room. We treated there People, in which an illness was often far advanced.

Sometimes there were even several clinical pictures. In the respective departments, however, the focus was mostly on individual ones. The general view and all sorts of risk factors often took a back seat due to the specialization.

Good therapy, only little prevention

In addition, although the patients in the hospital were well treated, after discharge they often did not change their habits. And so many were at the same point after a few months as before the treatment.

I observed the same principle in my subsequent employment in a practice for internal medicine - good treatment of the disease, but little prevention. However, I wanted to intervene before anyone gets sick and help people in the long term healthy hold.

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Specialization in preventive occupational medicine

In 2001 I applied in the field of occupational medicine to specialize in preventive work. First of all, I have one Further Training Graduated as a specialist in occupational medicine at TÜV SÜD. At first I looked after several small ones Company, later big companies were added.

The areas of activity were very diverse. In addition to preventive Measures acute emergencies or rescue operations could also occur, for example due to work accidents involving machines.

Fields of activity in occupational medicine

At companies whose Employees business abroad travel, appropriate travel medical precautions such as vaccinations had to be taken. My job gave me insights into a wide variety of things Industries and worked with a wide variety of people. I had big ones Fun to take care of employees and their concerns and to sensitize them to a healthy way of life and work.

In addition to health Consulting and exercise and nutrition programs, I also carried out check-ups, among other things. Think Tasks as a company doctor always revolved around the topic of prevention. In no way did I replace the employees' family doctor, I just supplemented it.

career opportunities

Two years ago, I became Head of Occupational Medicine at TÜV SÜD. A new task, which is more administratively created, but by no means only desk work.

As a company doctor, I still look after companies on site. This activity accounts for around 50 percent of my work and, in addition to medical knowledge, also requires a certain amount of creativity when creating suitable programs.

Advise and move something

The other half of the time, I hold internal presentations as a specialist head, consult other company doctors or assess statutory regulations and make recommendations. In addition to the diversity of the activity, I am particularly attracted by the directional work.

Also in my current task field, I am still very close to the employees and can take me ample time to enter them. The high demand shows how important such offers are and I am always aware that one can move as a medical surgeon something.

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