Stress is in. Those who are stressed are part of it, are in demand and busy – you might think so. But stress also makes you sick. 2 X 3 tips that help.

Avoid stress & burnout: 2 X 3 tips for immediate action

Stress has positive and negative sides

The fact is: Stress is an elixir of life that is both positive and negative negative impact on us People has. How stress affects each individual depends not least on our own attitudes and values.

In general, however, the following applies: cardiovascular problems and Burnoutsyndrome are not uncommon as a result of stress. So that it doesn't get that far in the first place, everyone should have a few in their daily life Regulate observe. In order to prevent bad stress, it is necessary to recognize your personal resilience and to get it under control.

Burnout - How can you take countermeasures in good time?

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What can counteract this are tips and instructions on self-organization and time management, how to deal with stress successfully avoids Motivation & Concentration increase can and despite increasing demands in the Job quality of life and thus also quality of work.

For example, it helps me to go hiking regularly to train my performance and resilience. But when I was recently hiking in the Lech Valley, I had to realize that in our modern Society self vacation fast can turn into stress.

How stressful is seeing and being seen?

The starting point of my hike was Lech am Arlberg, which is a very beautiful place, but also very hip, chic and quite crowded. See and be seen, so to speak.

This is not least due to the prominent visitors to the place, including Madonna and the Dutch royal family, who regularly stay there. On the first stage of the Lechweg, to which whole busloads of hikers drove, it was therefore quite crowded, even if the rush of people on the way luckily got lost.

Pure downshifting: from a tourist hotspot to a mini-community

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Luckily, the Lech Valley had even more to offer: For example, the very beautiful, idyllic and remote holiday villages. One of them, the tranquil Grameis, is also the smallest municipality in Austria with only 41 inhabitants.

This is pure downshifting from a tourist resort to a mini-community – a direct comparison that further intensified the contrast between these two types of Alpine holiday.

But when I compared the two places in my mind, I also asked myself: Why is it that even simple mountain villages like Lech attract such legions of tourists?

What is a vacation for: relaxing or self-expression?

Maybe that's a kind of problem for society as a whole - to the extent that even on vacation, which is supposed to be for relaxation, it's more about presenting yourself than actually coming down and being with yourself.

The stress and constant strain from everyday working life are then seamlessly transferred to relaxation - and you noticed that when you listened to the people in the most beautiful mountain region who were talking about job stress and Problems entertained instead of switching off.

OECD says: Europeans are getting more stressed

Even if tastes differ, of course, and everyone has legitimately different expectations when on vacation, a study by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) to confirm this picture. The OECD diagnoses that Europeans are finding it increasingly difficult to strike a balance between work and life privacy to accomplish.

As a result, the stress level is higher - and this stress can even make you physically and mentally ill. For the World Health Organization, stress is one of the greatest health threats of our century.

Positive Eustress

But not every kind of stress is unhealthy. Research distinguishes between eustress and distress. Positive eustress is an arousal potential that is essential for the body as it Attention increases and promotes the body's performance.

This explains the following phenomenon: People get faster and better under certain stressful situations. Your “performance” increases, it is easier for you to concentrate on the essentials and to learn better, to do appointments and to achieve top athletic performance.

Disstress: When we are overwhelmed

But it won't go on like this forever. At some point we are at our performance peak and from there it goes downhill. Burnout is often the result. If we don't take countermeasures, it will collapse. distress arises.

Disstress are stimuli that are perceived as threatening, unpleasant and overwhelming. This type of stress leads to a strong tension of the body, which leads in the long run to a reduction of the attention and efficiency. As a permanent condition, disstress can lead to physical and mental complaints and even burnout.

3 strategies against stress

How and when this happens varies from person to person. Specific Strategies help to avoid stress traps in every situation. In order to avoid a long-term effect of distress, a healthy balance is therefore essential. There are three main starting points for this: relaxation, sport and nutrition.

  1. Relaxation exercises: Yoga, autogenic training or breathing training help to release pent-up energies and release tension in the muscles. Exercises promote mobility and ensure good blood circulation.
  2. Physical fitness: Sport actively contributes to reducing stress. Already half an hour exercise daily helps to clear the head, to counteract physical discomfort and to master the daily work stress-free.
  3. Anti-stress diet: Especially in stressful phases, a balanced diet is crucial. Fruits, vegetables and protein-rich snacks such as nuts or sunflower seeds provide strength for strenuous tasks. Sugar, coffee and chemical additives, on the other hand, should be avoided

3 Stress and crisis tips for emergencies

Short-term use Methods such as distraction, conscious nutrition and adequate sleep. On the other hand, long-term coping strategies target the organism in a targeted and systematic manner in order to reduce existing overloads. These include relaxation techniques, time management and focusing on the 'inner voice" hear.

  1. Quickly drink a glass of cool water. Through the swallowing intensified the tension decreases and at the same time one is briefly distracted from the current stress situation.
  2. Treat yourself to an “apple break”, preferably in the fresh air.
  3. Think of a positive sentence or two that you can imagine in stressful times: "One by one", "I have mastered difficult situations".

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