{Media partnership} Innovative work at the leading international trade fair ORGATEC: exciting offers for bloggers

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The ORGATEC is the world's largest trade fair for furnishing and furnishing office and property. But it's about much more than furniture: The digital transformation of the world of work has long since found its way into office design. But ORGATEC offers a lot of inspiration - and this year also some cool actions for bloggers.


Here writes for you:

Simone Janson Simone JansonSimone Janson is publisher, German Top20 blogger and Consultant for HR communication.


The changing world of work

No doubt, the modern working world is changing - and this is also reflected in the changes in office landscapes and the changed use of technical equipment: Just last week, Microsoft in Munich, which also plans several actions for ORGATEC, inaugurated its new office space. The most important feature is that employees no longer have their own desks but only lockers and then move to the workplace that best suits their needs.

A step that is only consistent: have been offering for several years Company Like Microsoft or Coca Cola, their employees have trust working hours, which means they can work whenever and wherever they want. The question that arises: do we still need offices? A question that the leading trade fair ORGATEC, which takes place every two years, clearly answers with “Yes”. It is considered to be a switch and initiator for all market participants in the entire branch for office and commercial real estate furnishings. However, from 25-29. October in Cologne it will also become clear: Office work will have to be rethought in the future.

Creativity Works - networking, collaboration and mobility

Therefore, the 2016 fair is under the motto “Creativity Works” and wants to offer visitors new perspectives, inspiring concepts and market-leading solutions around the topic of work. We almost got used to standing desks, small, colorful meeting units or foosball tables. However, the layperson is often less aware that light and acoustics or sound insulation play an important role, particularly in collaborative open-plan offices. And how do you use mobile devices efficiently in different office environments?

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Networking, collaboration and mobility will increasingly change the connection between work and life in the future. According to the “Identity Architects” of the Ippolito Fleitz Group exhibiting at ORGATEC, the workplace of the future is no longer tied to a specific space, but to moments: moments of networking through perfect integration of technology, moments of well-being, inspiration, and lifelong playfulness Experimentation. Ten such moments will be spatially implemented in the “RE / Work” competence center in hall 11. The classic office dissolves and becomes a place of diverse possibilities.

More infos for Exhibitors and Exhibitions: http://www.orgatec.de


Free tickets and promotions for bloggers

The ORGATEC offers many such highlights this year, to which it also specifically invites bloggers with free tickets: On 25.10. For example, there will be a personal blogger tour of the fair. Bloggers can meet those responsible for ORGATEC special shows and other innovative exhibitors. The meeting point is at 16 Uhr at the booth of the industry association Büro und Arbeitswelt eV (IBA), the conceptual sponsor of ORGATEC. The tour is designed for 1,5 hours.

In addition, there is an individual IBA-Trendscout tour, with which Blogger can search for personal trend products, novelties and future trends. In addition to a very practical and attractive giveaway, there is an overview of the trade fair highlights. Also here is the starting point of the IBA stand, which also acts as a meeting point for bloggers: These can relax here a coffee drink, exchange with other bloggers their cell phone load or work.

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There is more input on the ZEIT CONFERENCE WORK and STYLE, which will take place from Wednesday, 26.10.2016, from 10: 00 clock in the Congress Center North. The following topics are discussed:

  • What role does work play in the identity of the next generation?
  • What are the interfaces between work, life and lifestyle?
  • What makes an employer attractive?
  • Which working world concepts will be successful in the future?

In a socio-politically and aesthetically charged format, the congress addresses current questions of the professional office world.

To pre-register under orgatec_iba@navos.eu is requested due to the limited ticket quota.


On the occasion of ORGATEC, trend researcher Birgit Gebhardt will present the in-depth study “NEW WORK ORDER - Creative Learning Worlds” as part of the trend forum on October 26.10.2016, 14 at 2012 p.m. “Creative Learning Worlds” is the third stage of the “NEW WORK ORDER” project initiated by the Industrieverband Büro und Arbeitswelt eV (formerly bso) in 2012. After grappling with changes in office work, the role of communication (2014: New Work Order - entering a new work culture) and collaboration (XNUMX: New Work Order - organizations in transition), Birgit Gebhardt is now concerned with the role of creativity and Learn.

The recently completed study “Creative Learning Worlds” not only contains a wealth of approaches, but also shows many examples from all over the world what contemporary working and learning environments can look like. The owners of the Hamburg-based consulting company Learnical Julia Dellnitz and Lars Büsing then explain what challenges companies have to face on the way to learning organizations. Ms. Gebhardt will then be happy to speak to you personally.

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Information about the studies: http://www.new-work-order.net



After the first day of the fair, exhibitors and visitors of the ORGATEC 2016 will meet at the 25.10. from 18 o'clock in the boulevard in front of hall 8, to let the evening come to an end together. You can expect a relaxed get-together with live music, hearty treats, Kölsch and soft drinks.


Interested bloggers can get under orgatec_iba@navos.eu and are provided with further information as well as accredited to the trade fair.

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