Many Company want to be top employers, whom the highly-qualified Candidate just kick the door down. And yet it strikes many as anything but light. A LinkedIn director explains what the top companies are doing better.

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Employer branding instead of job advertisements

It is well known that finding employees today is more important than switching a job advertisement. The job market is now heavily competitor-centered. Top talents can currently pick out the raisins and choose from a variety of different offers that suit them and their living conditions.

Quite a few companies are therefore complaining about a lack of applications from well-qualified specialists. In this situation apply Recruiter as a beacon of hope for filling key positions. And LinkedIn is also increasingly seen in Germany as a useful platform for finding potential Candidates to find and approach new appointments.

How to become an employer brand

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In addition, companies are working on their Brand as employer. There is a betting for coveted Employees, it is important to outdo the direct competition. For some companies, this attempt backfires. Others, on the other hand, manage to convey an image to the public that will be remembered.

In this context, it is particularly important how the recruiter's profiles look to the outside, as they want to make an attractive and professional impression on potential candidates. However, these often cause the exact opposite, because many hide behind recurring buzz words and thus miss to strengthen their own brand.

Authenticity in HR asked

That is very astonishing: HR-Specialists are absolute professionals when it comes to evaluating the profiles of potential new employees. But some seem to forget that their own Online-Profile is examined just as thoroughly by the applicants and thus by potential new employees.

Since addressing is increasingly shifting to professional networks such as LinkedIn or Xing, it is all the more important to present an authentic image there. This should clearly be your own Personality widerspiegeln and yourself with it clear differ from the personnel of other companies.

The top 10 keywords in HR profiles

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LinkedIn has identified the ten keywords that HR professionals use most often on their profiles. In the list, “specialized” comes in first, followed by “experienced” and “leadership”. These are the ten most frequently used keywords in HR profiles:

  1. specialized
  2. erfahren
  3. leadership qualities
  4. Expertise
  5. passionate
  6. strategically
  7. qualified
  8. responsibly
  9. motivated
  10. successfully

Mistake: HR professionals hide their personality

The evaluation by LinkedIn shows that HR professionals fail to bring their personal characteristics to the fore. Rather, they do the same as other employees who imply specialist knowledge in their profile and thus want to position themselves as experts. In doing so, they follow the developments of the labor market, the change of which calls for more and more precisely defined task profiles and thus requires real specialists.

Of course, recruiters would also like to do this if possible competently act and be perceived as experts. But in contrast to other professional groups, they play a different role in the dialogue on LinkedIn. They do not have to convey their expert knowledge to the candidates, but act as an extended arm of the company and therefore already convey part of the culture. Therefore, the profile should contain both a personal touch and be consistent with the image of the employer brand they represent.

The 25 top employers and what they do better

But what are the top employers doing better now? LinkedIn analyzed millions of pieces of data to find the employers who made the best impression on their members and crowned the “25 Top Companies”.

In doing so, LinkedIn has included the scope of companies, the interest in job offers there and how long employees stay there. In addition, the interaction with content that companies share on LinkedIn counts.

For Germany, these are the 25's most sought-after companies:

  1. McKinsey
  2. A
  3. Amazon
  4. Huawei
  5. Boston Consulting Group
  6. Salesforce
  7. HERE Technologies
  8. Merck Group
  9. Deloitte
  10. Zalando
  11. Trivago
  12. Apple Lossless Audio CODEC (ALAC),
  13. Nestle
  14. Dell
  15. Oracle
  16. Altran
  17. E-ON
  18. BMW
  19. Hugo Boss
  20. Allianz
  21. IBM
  22. L'Oreal
  23. Cisco
  24. Adidas Group
  25. Procter and Gamble

What do top employers do better?

The evaluation shows that these companies, on the one hand, have an exciting Workplace provide for their employees or otherwise ensure their well-being. For example, Nestlé has its own day care center in addition to a fitness studio, making it possible to have a good one compatibility developed by Job and privacy. On the other hand, the companies concerned also manage to communicate their advantages and corporate culture on LinkedIn and make them accessible to the public.

If you, as an employer, also earned a place in the leader board, I recommend that you take advantage of the opportunities that social media companies offer. This includes not only a carefully filled company page, but also the content that is shared about it.

Special tips from the LinkedIn director

Finally, two special tips on how to present yourself more authentically as a company:

What makes you a top employer?

What qualities and initiatives make your company a top company? Let us know in the comments.

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