You are currently on Job Search Or are you thinking about changing jobs in the near future? Do you already have a considerable network from your professional activity, but have you never used it properly? Are you aware that active networkers, whether online or offline, get interesting jobs faster? We show you StrategiesHow you can use LinkedIn to set the right levers in the direction of your “career”.

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1. Polish your LinkedIn profile

In the first place should be a professional and fully completed profile. Take two hours and think about how you want to present yourself to the outside world.

In addition to a current and professionally created profile photo, well-formulated texts are desirable. Put special emphasis on a profile slogan that describes you and your work well and light understandably described.

Next, imagine the summary that should consist of a longer text about you, your plans, your expertise, and your sense of achievement. At the work experience stations you can add details to your previous jobs in the description. Concentrate on the more current positions.

When formulating all texts, you should pay attention to the use of keywords, which a Recruiter, when looking for skilled workers, would enter in the search.

2. Expand your professional network

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If you are logged in on LinkedIn, the algorithm will suggest possible people based on your profile data who you might know. The “People you may know” function is therefore my tip for anyone who wants to get their network from 50 to 500. If you use this function on the sofa for 15 minutes on several evenings, you will see your network grow.

LinkedIn always offers you people who have common contacts with you. This could be a starting point for sending a contact request. To do this, always go directly to the person's profile before networking and only then click on the blue field “Network”. This gives LinkedIn the opportunity to write a personalized message.

A contact request formulated with care and courtesy will most likely be accepted rather than an automated request.

3. Ask for recommendations

Recommendations make you more credible. Each complete profile should have some recommendations that are as current as possible.

I encourage you to be proactive in asking for some references. To do this, go to the profile of a contact who should recommend you. To the right of the blue marked “Message” field you will see three dots. If you click on it, you can order that person product request.

Be prepared that some contacts will ask for a tip or even a suggestion for the recommendation. She decide, which wording appears in the profile. If the text is incomplete or incorrect, you can contact your Contact ask for a correction.

4. Ask for Knowledge Confirmations

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Each LinkedIn profile contains the “Knowledge and Skills” section. Key words should be entered here that describe your expertise well. For example:

If you choose an international profile with different language versions, it does Sinnto enter the knowledge in English.

Important for you: At first glance, only three top skills are displayed. Check that it is the knowledge that is particularly important to you. It is possible to edit the list and to bring up your top knowledge. These always belong to the first three digits.

If you have not received any acknowledgments of knowledge so far, I suggest that you write to your network and ask for it. For your contacts, it is just a click on the keyword.

5. Actively search for jobs

LinkedIn offers an extra category for job seekers, which can be found at the top of the Briefcase icon. You will see a search input field where you can search for job postings in certain regions.

These searches can also be saved. LinkedIn informs you when new job offers have been added.

as search results Jobs listed, which you z. For example, show how long the job has been advertised and whether you are among the top ten applicants. If you like an ad, you can use your LinkedIn profile to refer to the post apply.

If you've opted for premium membership, LinkedIn will show you places you would rank among the top candidates based on your profile. Other benefits of being a Premium Member for job seekers include free email, access to educational videos, and being displayed in recruiters' search results above.

6. Update your career goals

You can also find this function under the briefcase icon. Within the job area you will see the two words "Update career goals" in purple letters. If you click on it, a new window opens, where you can find more information about your job search.

For example, you can let recruiter know that you are open to new job offers and provide information on the desired job, or specify the desired region and the type of activity you want.

7. Show that you are an expert

Thanks to your fully completed profile, you are already visible as an expert. To make yourself even more visible, you should show your professional expertise to the outside world. The easiest way to do this is to do it yourself Status updates, sharing Industries-News or via own blog articles published on LinkedIn.

Even if one Article was published weeks ago, it is still visible on your profile and can be shared several times at a later date. Profile visitors can see which topics you are actively involved in.

Also helpful is commenting on industry news and networking with other active experts.

The fact is: make speeches

It is always career-promoting to build a large and high-quality network and to operate self-marketing.

Therefore, integrate the activities described above into your everyday work and make yourself a big one at the same time Audience visible. 10-15 minutes a day can be enough!

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