Working together will become more and more digital. Remote Work could soon be the standard of collaboration. What must Company and employees at Organization of your digital workflow? 11 tips.

Digital Workflow - 11 Tips: Is the future of work remote?

What does the future of work look like?

If from the “Future of work” is about what working habits, places and practices could look like in the coming decades.

Many experts see remote work, i.e. the location-independent work of employees for a company, as a clear and long-term trend. And the corona pandemic in particular has shown how well long-distance cooperation can work.

Hope remote work?

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Nevertheless, companies and employees at all hierarchical levels would have to pay attention to a number of things when working on Distance should win smoothly. Because remote businesses are location-agnostic, they can Network build from a variety of places, lifestyles and backgrounds and hire the best workforce regardless of where they are.

However, it remains questionable what this would mean for companies and employees in the long term and whether the advantages of this form of work actually outweigh the negative ones.

Remote work must be secure

The topic of cybersecurity in the Working world will become even more important in the near future. Especially when working remotely, the urgent question arises as to how data is accessed and how it can be effectively protected.

While the switch to remote working has already taken place in many companies, the security gaps that have arisen have not been taken into account in many places. Businesses need to think more strategically about their cybersecurity investments and how best to protect people, data and devices.

Investing in cybersecurity

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The growing trend towards remote working in recent years has prompted many companies to make significant new investments in their ITsystems and infrastructure.

According to a bitkom study, record sales of around 6,2 billion euros are forecast for the year 2022 for the IT security market in Germany alone.

Tools to secure work networks, such as Virtual Private Networks (VPN), are a good example of a solid and effective security measure for both medium-sized and small businesses.

This allows employees to improve their digital workflow

VPN is just one example of the multitude of digital tools that make everyday work easier for remote employees in this way. Comparatively inexpensive or initially even free of charge with a VPN test, employees can dial into the company network via a secure connection via a third-party server and from any location Welt working out.

A VPN also increases the productivity and workflow of remote employees "on the side" and enables companies to hire workers from any location and integrate them into everyday work.

11 tips for the perfect digital workflow

If employees want to work together over long distances, they have to consider a few things when organizing their workflow. We give 11 concrete tips for working in the future.

  1. Order: Use the same filing system on all levels - whether in the paper world or in the digital world.
  2. eMails: No more permanent attention to eMails. Turn off the pusheMailFunction off. Call eMails only manually. Superfluous and private messages delete immediately after reading.
  3. Tasks: As a manager, many time-consuming but completely irrelevant tasks are assigned to you - often by email eMail, Instead of looking for a long and wide explanation for a cancellation, just delete the request.
  4. Working Time: Edit eMailNever in the morning. That's because the concentration is greatest and should be used for more important. Take breaks for retrieving and reading the eMails.
  5. Eat the frog: Start each workday with the unpleasant work.
  6. Find hot spots: Are you in a foreign city and urgently need free WiFi? Load apps from McDonald's or Starbucks! Because where McDonald's or Starbucks is, there is also a WLAN.
  7. Address books on the iPhone: Those who use Cobook instead of the standard address book from Apple automatically integrate a lot of data from social media.
  8. Visualizations: Graphics are captured particularly easily and error-free when they are consistent. For example, 1000 euro steps should always be the same size.
  9. Social networks in the company: Yammer enables companies to set up their own social networks.
  10. Coordinate appointments: Google Calendar has a function that automatically inserts breaks between two appointments.
  11. Private use of Facebook and Co: Be careful when giving your full date of birth on social media. The birthday is often used for telephone security checks, for example at banks. It is sufficient if you reveal the month and day on social networks.

quality not quantity

These examples show: Remote work requires new ones Strategies in performance management. Increasingly, businesses need to focus on the work done instead of the hours worked, so tools and apps to manage the Performance of remote workers are becoming increasingly important.

The rethink in setting goals and identifying key performance indicators are used for the Guide of remote workers in the new world of work is crucial Significance .

The classic office no longer exists

The need for large office spaces will also increasingly become a thing of the past as remote work progresses. Completely decentralized, exclusively remote-working companies will emerge, while many other companies are already deciding to redesign, downsize or do without their office space for hybrid teams.

Without having to maintain a large headquarters, companies can thus do many by working remotely Costs save up.

The future of work requires rethinking and innovation in all areas

And this can also bring advantages for the employees themselves. By eliminating the commute to work, they can save costs on the one hand, but also gain a little more free time on the other. Ultimately, this could even have a positive effect on workLife-Balance impact.

The future of remote work will require many changes, including investing in digital infrastructure and freeing up office space. For most organizations, having employees work away from the office will require a rethink of many processes and policies. Time will tell if the pros will outweigh the cons.

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