Black, gray, blue, beige - these colors dominate in business life. But with the right color you can effectively create your own Appear and the Effect support. 6 tips.

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Achieve effect through business look with color

One look at the airport early in the morning is enough to determine the color preferences Business-Recognizable look: From black to gray to deep blue, muted, dark tones dominate the outfits of passengers who are on business appointments; under blazers and jackets, white is the preferred choice for blouses and shirts.

This Choice is by no means a faux pas. Because it looks reputable and also corresponds to the current international standards in business life. If you have basics in these colors hanging in your closet, you can't go wrong and grab them without thinking twice. But black, grey, blue and beige may seem serious act, but in business, with the right use of color, you can achieve the desired effect of your own Personality still improve. It is about fighting against the force of habit.

6 tips for more effect through the right color in the business

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With accessories and effective combinations, the sometimes drab unit gray of business life can be spiced up without a problem. Trying out and professional advice help.

1. Game with styles and silhouettes

Simple black, a variant from the wide range of grays or natural color nuances from beige to camel? At this decision should Women Let yourself be guided by your individual skin, hair and eye color, because no color automatically suits everyone.

Trouser suits are based on the classic outfit of male colleagues, but do not have to be. Combinations of trousers or skirts with blazers or jackets over a simple top are just as good; Alternatives are clothes. You can play with different silhouettes from narrow to more flared.

2. Modemut and possibilities

Gladly light blue, occasionally other pastel shades, narrow stripes or discreetly patterned fabrics: This exhausted the fashion good of most men as an alternative to the white shirt; the range of her accessories is limited to a matching tie and a pocket handkerchief as a special extra.

have women clear more options - starting with brightly colored scarves or belts, which make every outfit look fresher, through to items of clothing in stronger colors, which are particularly popular in spring and summer. Because artificial light can falsify them, you should ideally go to the window or outside for a moment when trying them on.

3. Advice with type-appropriate tips

Advice from a saleswoman or a style specialist is a good way of countering the power of habit.Training. This service is provided by the customers very gladly accepted by OSKA. They can arouse curiosity about effective combinations such as camel with coral, which one would not automatically choose, and give tips that are appropriate for the type.

For example, an outfit with several contrasting colors looks great on the body light pieced. More advantageous, especially for women who do not have an ideal figure, are tone-on-toneSolutions with several parts from one color family; small cushions can be concealed with a softly falling, longer jacket instead of a jacket.

4. Strong statements at evening appointments

during the day in Office or at an appointment, on the way to a business dinner in the evening? Every outfit can be easily changed with just a few effective elements. Scarves in beautiful colors and patterns, which are also available in very thin fabrics for the warm season, set the scene for the face like a decorative frame.

Statements are also unconventional, but not too flashy jewelry such as long chains, colored heels with high heel à la Theresa May and matching handbags. If you wear a skirt or a dress, you should pack a skin-colored or black replacement tights.

5. No-gos for both sexes

When it comes to business outfits, there are certain Regulate, but they are not set in stone. Nowadays, women can wear a smart T-shirt under a jacket or jacket instead of a blouse, and men can also wear colorful and strikingly patterned socks. However, no-gos are poor quality and/or fit.

Extra-long suit trousers with accordion folds destroy the overall impression - just like uncleaned men's shoes that, in the worst case, blemish crooked heels. Women's lingerie that is clearly visible under clothing is also unsightly. The more conspicuous their color, the more critical eye-catchers are guaranteed. You should be able to withstand these with confidence.

6. Complete look as a cracker

Complete look in red from Head to toe: Every woman looks like a cracker with it. However, a dress in bold tones can definitely be worn by the fashion-conscious. And that in everyone Age.

Gray or white hair can tolerate more color as a contrast - a plea for lifelong testing. Nevertheless, the focus should never be solely on the color, but always on the person as a whole.

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