Above all, augmented reality will have a decisive impact on retail. This holds new opportunities for eCommerce, customer acquisition and Advertising.

Business ideas with augmented reality: eCommerce & advertising via QR code

How the virtual and real world mix thanks to augmented reality

Have you ever been in one Shop stood and thought it would be cool to see how the item looks in your living room? Or maybe you were looking at an object online and wanted to know how it looked in the real world World would look like.

Thanks to augmented reality (AR), this is now possible. AR stands for “Augmented Reality”, which means that virtual elements are mixed with real life to create a unique experience for the user. More specifically, it's a process of adding a digital layer to the real world using your smartphone.

Science fiction when shopping: How augmented reality is changing retail

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The Future is already there in many places today. Augmented Reality is already influencing our daily lives. It has become an important part of many mobile games and is the Technology behind the popular Snapchat filter that makes you look like a dog. developments of Company like Google, Apple and Snapchat, one day will make physical stores or websites completely superfluous.

This will also have a major impact on retail: the advent of augmented reality will change the way we shop. Augmented reality could turn science fiction into reality. In the future, you could go to a store and try on clothes, shoes, and jewelry virtually. customers will be able to find out what something looks like from all angles. You might not even need to buy anything anymore. With augmented reality, your mobile phone becomes your window on the world when shopping.

Business idea for start-ups: the shop of the future on a poster?

This technology has great potential, especially for start-ups. Here's how some companies are using augmented reality to transform the way we shop online. The British supermarket chain Tesco has received several awards for offering the most efficient shopping option in Europe after Aldi and Lidl.

But this also comes from Tesco Idea, which was tested in South Korea: Instead of offering shelves in goods, there is only one simulation of it: namely large-format posters that look like a shop window act and on which all products are provided with a QR code that you only have to photograph. The shopping is done. The goods ordered in this way are then delivered to your home in the evening. The bookstore of the future on a poster, so to speak.

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Is augmented reality just a nice publicity stunt?

My Opinions There is quite a split on this subject: Even if it seems tempting to save yourself the evening run to the nearest supermarket: I find the idea spooky of walking down streets with shops (and real ones) in the future People and goods) to walk through streets with billboards. Somehow the haptic shopping experience is missing. I even prefer to choose my vegetables manually - for example at the Turk's around the corner. And when I imagine having to be at home all the time because something is constantly being delivered... mhm.

Conversely, the idea is also too closely based on existing structures. Seriously, who would shop on a billboard if you could do it much more comfortably at home Internet could do? However, there are areas where the use of QR codes is absolutely critical for merchants useful at a hunt.

When does the use of QR codes make sense?

For example, this scenario: You see as Customer an interesting item on a website or in a store, but you want more information before you decide to buy it. So scan the QR code with your phone and get instant information about it without leaving your house/Office to leave!

Resourceful retailers also have their folding boxes printed in order to provide customers with virtual information: With a QR code printed on a cardboard box, they send their customers up-to-date information with every delivery, be it about the product, the address or the website of the store or new offer. This way you can clear convey more promotional messages and notices than just printing a business card or logo on the box!

But such QR codes also help the retailer with the Orientation in store: They give the person the opportunity to know exactly where the product they are looking for is, help with the Organization and even make sure it doesn't get lost.

Augmented Reality in eCommerce - what does the future look like?

There is no doubt that augmented reality will change the way we shop and trade with one another. In today's world, going shopping can be quite stressful at times. From the parking lot to the store itself, you have to wait in line, find a shopping cart, and then wait in line again. This can be a nuisance for everyone involved.

A Solution this could actually be augmented reality! The end of the queues, you can shop anywhere instantly from your device - wouldn't that be great? But the new technology also comes with a lot of downsides: you'd almost never have to leave your house again, just hold up your phone and see what's nearby to buy or rent - a pretty scary thought. In addition, the question arises as to who is supposed to deliver all the goods and what the environmental compatibility of the delivery services is.

It remains to be seen how the technology will ultimately develop and be accepted by customers. There is only one thing that can be said: it will remain exciting.

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