digitization and Working world 4.0 offer applicants almost perfect opportunities for Job Search and Application. But the extensive range of Online-Job boards and Networking-channels can fast overwhelm. 10 tips on what to look for and how to find it.

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Ask yourself

Before you start looking for a job on the World Wide Web, you should ask yourself a basic question: What do I want? Depending on what you are looking for, you can organize the hunt for the right job efficiently. And quite purposefully, without them Orientation and the Motivation zu verlieren.

When looking for the right job, it is helpful to start with a fairly simple one Method. A simple list of the requirements for one's own job and the future employer serves as a good basis for looking for a job on the Internet.

Find out your own strengths and weaknesses

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Clear statements about your own Power and addressing weaknesses is difficult for many graduates. Ask, which you should ask yourself in the course of this are, for example:

Headache any job?

Especially in the areas where the Economy does not have to complain about an acute shortage of skilled workers, the Anxiety of graduates as graduation approaches. This tempts the young graduates to be grateful for almost any job that can be found.

“The main thing first Money to earn.” But the entry-level job shouldn't promise more than just your first job salary? Of course he should. After all, he lays the foundation for what comes next.

Find out before you finish: “What do I want?”

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So that the first job is not merely an emergency solution, one should already find before the conclusion in which direction one wants to orientate oneself

Focus the studies on the profession

To find out, internships that are already in the Study be completed. Here you get a first impression of how the professional world works and what it means to work in the chosen area. The following options are available for this:

Based on this experience, you can then draw your conclusions and, if necessary, even further study on the Career choice relay a message. In this way you not only get to know the professional practice, but also make exciting and sometimes important contacts in the respective Industry.

Structured digital application - 10 tips

And then it gets down to business, namely the structured application. After all, two-thirds of the Corporate in Germany prefer online applications by eMail, The change of media has obviously taken place, eMailApplications have replaced the classic application folder.

But what needs to be considered? Which Regulate apply to a professional online application? The ten most important tips on the subject:

  1. Pay attention to the highest care! Spelling mistakes always signify the end - earlier in a postal application just as today in an online application.
  2. Use a serious eMailAddress as sender! Addresses like Mausi1983 [at] gmx.de are in any case counterproductive. Better is: firstname.lastname [at] gmx.de.
  3. Give a clear subject! In the subject line of yours eMail include: the advertised position, the location and if possible the code number from the job advertisement. This way, the HR specialist can more easily allocate your application.
  4. Pay attention to the size of the attachment! The eMailAttachment of an online application should not be larger than three MB. In case of doubt, do not use a reference letter and hand it in instead if necessary.
  5. Send only one file as an attachment! Save all application components in pdf format in one file. Multiple files make it difficult for staff to do their work.
  6. Write the cover letter directly in the eMail-Window! Do not attach it to yours as a separate file eMail, Background: Personnel prefer - as mentioned - only a single file.
  7. Use a professional application photo. The online medium seduces you to use digital snapshots. Not correct! Your application photo should always be taken by a professional photographer.
  8. Pay attention to an individual cover letter! Do not send standardized cover letters after copy paste. Experienced personnel recognize this immediately.
  9. Always research the personal eMailAddress of the responsible personnel. If this does not appear in the job ad, call the company. eMails at collective addresses like info @ or bewerbung @ often do not reach the right person.
  10. Find out about the company on the Internet - for example on the company website.

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