In this country, winter usually shows its nasty side. And yet this time of year has a decisive influence on us and ours Future, because it helps us, our Set to realize.


Winter as a reflection phase

The nature is just around this low-season reflection zone of the first quality. At this time, we are particularly aware of what is really important to us and we set the course for the future. Because our mood is permanently influenced by a rich hormone cocktail.

The lesser light causes a shift of the mixture towards the hormones which make us calm, gentle, inwardly balanced, introverted and also sleepy. They put our bodies on energy savings. This makes us lighter and weaker in sex. Yes, correctly read, for example from November to February, losing weight is associated with considerably more violent counterreactions of the body such as hunger, lack of energy, lack of drive and blackening. For this, we lose weight in the following spring all the easier.

Relax from summer

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Relaxing from busy summer is the program of the time. This was programmed in millimeters in us. We can escape this only by flight into sunbathing lands. But that is the point. The energy saving mode has an extremely useful effect on us: it promotes introspection. At this time of the year, we perceive much more clearly what moves us deep inside. Assuming, of course, we leave it to.

We have now increased the need to review the year and our past. We have just the leisure to look at ourselves and our contribution to the events. Right now, we recognize particularly well which learning effects we can take from the experience for us. We can not do that at any time of the year. Not for nothing, there is the custom of the year's premiums right now. And not in summer, for example. In the summer, it pushes us outside, we want to experience and make.

How good intentions work

So as we ponder about ourselves, others and the events at this gloomy, comforting time, we inevitably come across things that we don't like at all. Some of them will be completely new inconsistencies, others are old acquaintances that we have been dragging with us for years and decades, pushing in front of us or with changing ones Success try to suppress.

Suddenly we have a burning desire to change something or everything: “Out! Enough! Past! Now it has to be different! ” Perhaps it will come to us and we will get to work full of action and red-hot resolutions. But this flash in the pan quickly unsuccessfully.

Achieve goals: resolutions in 5 steps

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How do we proceed properly to make the most of this valuable time? Best in 5 steps:

  1. First, it is crucial: go for it quietly. Let the time. You have the time anyway, because you alone decide your time. In addition, you have made it easy for many years and you have not changed it yet. Since it does not come now for a few weeks.
  2. Take your time. Alone, if you already allow time, you will be the good feeling master of your time. This awareness is the basic prerequisite for all further steps. Without this coherent feeling, you do not need to go further with your future planning. Let it stay, save yourself the time and the energy.
  3. If you are in harmony with yourself and your contemporaneity, make long walks in as much nature as possible and sit extensively in beautiful places in nature; with a view. Sit in front of a (fireplace) fire or a candle and also linger in the evening in the non-lit room in the dim dim light of the night.
  4. Write down what does not fit you, what you want to have changed, where you want something else for your future. Be sure to write it down, otherwise you'll get caught up in unproductive thoughts. This will not take you further.
  5. Then you feel inside. Exactly, you feel. You do not ponder around forever, but you feel into yourself and your problem themes. Diving Solutions Alternatives? Which? Do you feel untroubled about the possibilities of solutions? Write down this. Are you afraid of alternatives? Note! What feels good, even if you leave it as it is? Although you first thought it would change. Write it down.

Result: changing things with new energy

You've gotten out of yourself where you are unvarnished and actually ready Energy spend on things you don't like. You know what you want to change because you are doing it for yourself. Not for others. And no matter what you want to change, you will have immense energy to do so, Endurance, conviction and frustration tolerance need. N / A clearotherwise you would have done it nonchalantly long ago.

And it is precisely this necessary energy that you now have within yourself. You will change things not because you think you want to change them, but because you have a genuine need to do so. Because it is important to you for yourself and not because other people think anything of you. And then you don't need one either Discipline for implementation. Because then you are doing what is a true expression of yourself.

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