The desire to perform and to be the best can therefore be positive. However, there are a few catches. For example, if you don't do this work because you enjoy your work, but because of it Anxiety from negative consequences.

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The performance principle of Amy Chua

Why do we allow ourselves to be so fooled by role models and supposed role models like Angelina Jolie that we think we have to do everything perfectly? Where does the constant striving come from, constantly this or that (that Problem actually affects men too!) Wanting to be the best?

The causes often lie in childhood. Amy Chua Lawprofessorin at Yale, has written a book on the Chinese style of upbringing, which has been the subject of heated debate over the past few months. Or as my co-advisor Kerstin Liebich, State Secretary for Integration and Labor, remarked so nicely: “This is this terrible book!”

The parents are to blame?

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The book is titled Die Mother of success: How I taught my children to win. Now you can shared about it Opinions be. However, Chua's book is a good example of how this tendency to always want to do everything perfectly can arise: namely a Education, in which one is only praised for absolute excellence and in which children are reprimanded for even a -1 in school.

your Idea behind it is to drive her daughters to always want to be the best. Because the children learn in this way early on that their mother or others People just satisfied are when everything is 100% and they learn accordingly to always bring these top performances - and then not only for the mother but also at school or at work.

Flow and positive stress

So that we do not misunderstand: That you strive for best efforts does not have to be negative. It can be an incentive to bring really great achievements. And that can work.

We all know that: If something gives us pleasure and if we have a sense of achievement, then we are enthusiastic about it: We forget everything around us and can work day and night, for example. The Hungarian Psychology-Professor Mihály Csíkszentmihályi called it flow. Or you can also say positive Stress call, i.e. eustress.

Motivation and networking of brain cells

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We owe this, among other things, to the hormones norepinephrine and serotonin. These call positive Feelings emerge as a reward for the effort act. If this so-called eustress occurs regularly and in doses, it stimulates the immune system and has a motivating effect.

Recent findings in brain research even show that stress promotes the faster networking of brain cells. And because the abilities are growing, we are also attracted by the positive experiences of more challenges.

Fear prevents innovation

Especially in everyday working life, where also very much fast heads can roll. Then the matter becomes an economic problem – just think about it Corporate, Where Employees spend their time avoiding mistakes at all costs instead of creating something useful.

Apart from the fact that working in such an atmosphere of fear, none Fun there is of course no room for innovation.

And where you should then reasonably put all your energies into it, a Success and to take risks and accept setbacks, such failure avoiders behave accordingly cautiously and defensively.

Avoid instead of deciding

Behind this is the perfectionist desire to handle every situation check to want. And the more uncertain the situation, the greater and more intense the desire for control. You might even manage not to do anything wrong. But you also avoid important decisions, for example.

Each decision also contains that Risksbacking the wrong horse and making yourself unpopular. And you have to give up other options. Perfectionists, on the other hand, prefer to keep all options open; couldn't imagine if they were given information later that would have allowed them to make a better decision.

Business start-up? No thanks!

Wherever this can lead, especially in economic terms, is shown, for example, in the fact that in Germany comparatively few people have the desire to become self-employed. An international study on the subject, The GLOBAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP MONITOR annually evaluates the start-up conditions in 42 countries and gives the Germans a real poverty report:

We are currently in third place in terms of the general attitude towards self-employment in society. Only in countries such as Urquay, Slovenia or Hungary is there even greater skepticism about becoming self-employed. 3% of the Germans surveyed in Age between the ages of 18 and 64 would give up the step into self-employment for fear that it could go wrong.

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