In "poisoned" organizations (according to Daniel Goleman) become large Style wasted human resources and talent. There you will find an oppressive atmosphere with strict regulations, strict controls and biting Criticism, A slow decomposition process is the result.

Poisoned corporate cultures are doomed to die

Everyone is mistrusting everyone, and everything is overshadowed by fear

Intrigue, secrecy, favoritism, self-interest, arbitrariness and many other ugly things that I don't want to talk about here, are in a "poisoned" corporate culture at the Agenda. In such a climate, everyone mistrusts everyone else and everything is overshadowed by Anxiety.

There will be People hurt and humiliated. Scapegoats and pawn sacrifices are sought. selfish Set are tracked and Energy misdirected into aggressive channels: cynicism, hardening, hostilities, intrigues, boycotting orders, preventing change, self-service, and sabotage.

The search for scapegoats

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“Of all hunts, scapegoating is the simplest,” American politician Dwight D. Eisenhower once said. Opportunism and cliques are the best survival strategy in such an environment. Those who can, flee as quickly as possible. And for those who stay, the focus is inward and upward, rather than the customers.

A dark cloud settles over everything as soon as one “poisoned” Company enters. Overall motivation is low. Mistakes are covered up or swept under the carpet together. Everywhere bad mood is spread and the rumor mill is heated.

Poisoned companies create a solar eclipse in their hearts

So spend in some organizations Employees up to an hour per working day with it, shared over bosses and Company pull here. Such a climate makes people very ill. But you cannot build a healthy company with sick employees. And unhappy employees don't win happy customers.

If the mood is bad, it rarely results in good service. Employees aren't magicians. It's almost impossible to have one negative Transforming the mood in the company into a good mood with the customer. And where you feel uncomfortable, you never go there again, and you don't buy anything there either! It's coming slowly though for sure a death spiral in motion - a poisoning process in the truest sense of the word.

Anxiety-pressure-control mechanisms lead to a long-term outcome

Many managers still believe the fear-pressure-control mechanism is better Wahl. But this path leads at most to mediocrity - and thus to the end in the long run. Absolute excellence at the highest level is much more likely to be achieved in a positive environment, especially when the bar is set high for everyone.

Because people are – each in their own way – inspired by the desire to make a contribution and to experience their own effectiveness. On the other hand, they loathe the thought of having lived a meaningless life. That's why employees keep needing new ones Tasks - be it different or more difficult - to deal with them creativity, to be able to devote concentration and devotion on one's own responsibility.

Above all, evolution honors overcoming challenges. Our motivational systems are not upgraded until we've made a point. For what we have to do instead of wanting, there are no moments of happiness. And what we learn under pressure can not be reasonably abstracted.

Frightened employees produce maximum median

We were all born as individuals with a free will to shape, to be full of life Sense to lead - and not to be burned up in human chess. Those who feel inferior or are forced to play extras react with a paralyzing feeling of powerlessness.

Powerless, i.e. being determined by others and without power, that makes us very small. On the other hand, employees thrive and begin to act entrepreneurially if they are given room to maneuver in the truest sense of the word. Another plus is the “my baby effect”: you support what you have (helped) develop yourself Engagement and purposefulness.

Top performance can only be achieved in creative freedom. Because creativity – the key resource of Future – needs width. And relaxation in the brain, i.e. cheerfulness. Where Lachen is, the fear disappears. Anxious employees, on the other hand, have the unpleasant trait of delivering mediocre work at best.

Large companies are most affected by the poisoning process

The bigger one Organization, the greater the risk of becoming a poisoned company. The progressive intensification of work there, permanent orders from above, departmental egoism, the deluge of rigid regulations, the growth mania, arbitrarily set targets, budget rigidity and key figure mania support the poisoning process.

"When the overworked can only do the most urgent things, they work absolutely urgently on the excuses for the consequences of their overwork," writes ex-IBM chief technologist Gunter Dueck in his book "Schwarmdumm". This has - in addition to the Burnout-Danger - mainly lies and system fraud as a result. Manipulation is the order of the day and a hedging arms race begins. The employees no longer work to want to, but for the controls.

When people crumble

The overstress finally makes the good in people crumble, the work feels like a continuous fight, processes and employees are stupid. Innovations are no longer possible in this scenario. In addition, there is still a need to be saved everywhere, only the management waste a large part of all resources with the management of itself.

Traditional corporations with strong hierarchies and a steel-hard pursuit of maximum yields are incidentally the most affected by decomposition.

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