The gender dialogue is not about a competition, not about a 'right' one, but about successful cooperation! How can this be done?


The “glass ceiling” of communication

The essential foundation for equality is that Respect for each other - regardless of gender. In the togetherness of Women and men, this respect must keep in mind that women and men are not equal, but absolutely equal.

Is spoken of the "glass ceiling" that makes it difficult for women to Company To make a career, the causes are usually seen essentially in the three points:

  1. Power games and rope teams of the men, which make it difficult for the women.
  2. Lack or inadequate aggressiveness of women.
  3. The “K” question (child or career) and the associated childcare options.

Gender Communication - what is it about?

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Frequently, the topic of “gender communication” is rarely or not at all addressed Attention given. In contrast to this is not only the reaction of my interlocutors, but above all from coachees or trainees as soon as I broach the subject:

They immediately get into the discussion intensively, want to know and learn more, bring examples and immediately begin to relate to their understanding Everyday life to manufacture.

Gender Pay Gap: Unequal pay for women and men

The gender pay gap, for example, is the difference between men and women being paid for the same job. And the gender pay gap is in many parts of the world World a real and lasting one Problem. Women tend to be paid less than men for the same work.

The pay gap is rife in the US and even more so for women of color. She to earn about 60 cents for every dollar a white man spends with the same qualification earned.

The gap is gradually closing

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This unequal pay has been a controversial topic for decades. But there is good news: the gap is gradually closing. Many women and men across the country are campaigning for equal pay despite significant obstacles. The #MeToo campaign has given women a forum to share their experiences and demand justice for all women. The #SeeHer movement has drawn attention to the imbalance of women in leadership positions in Economy and policy driven.

And then there is the infamous glass ceiling. We all know there is a glass ceiling. The invisible barrier that only women and men in certain professions and with a certain educational background can hope to reach.

What does the concept of the glass ceiling mean?

The notion that there is a glass ceiling seems to come from the assumption that a person's gender and position in society Society be determined entirely by their gender. But that is only one side of the coin.

Although most People our Term If you are familiar with the “glass ceiling”, the term can often be misunderstood. The Concept refers to all obstacles to which Employees come across when trying to advance their careers. It can be broken down into three parts:

  1. All obstacles that prevent an employee from being promoted, e.g. job descriptions that are too rigid.
  2. The lack of mentors or coaches an employee can encounter.
  3. The lack of job security.

This is how the glass ceiling works in everyday life

It's one thing to talk about glass ceilings in management and the boardroom, but what about Workplace out of? It's something women face every day, and it comes in many forms, including unequal pay, advancement opportunities, and expectations.

I would now like to present to you, dear reader, a classic example of how the “glass ceiling” is born out of the gender-specific form of communication. Let us now take a closer look at the example of Johannes and Sonja.

This is how unconscious behavior patterns work

Sonjas and John's department headed for an employee who had to solve a special task. Johannes was given the task long before Sonja showed her interest. John had at once decided to consider whether he could and would have everything to do the job, and to get support from Sonja.

Sonja had first carefully checked whether she felt up to the attractive task before she gave her Executive positive had given feedback. The boss interpreted Sonja's hesitation as a lack of enthusiasm and gave Johannes the task because he was immediately shown the task Engagement had convinced.

How can women develop their full potential?

This incident shows very impressively a few of the deeper, classically feminine or classically masculine, mostly unconscious behavior and thought patterns that are the reason for the recurring and frequently cited failure on the so-called “glass ceiling”.

The glass ceiling is a barrier that stands between women and their potential. She shows women that they can't reach their full potential because they aren't allowed to or they didn't allow themselves to. She shows them that they are not allowed successfully to be. She shows them that there are limits to their success, limits that are invisible to us, limits created by the culture that surrounds us. As long as we don't change the old ways of thinking, the pay and career situation of many women will not change.

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