customers are (not) a predictable quantity. They come and go. For this reason alone, systematic new customer acquisition is necessary. That's it Anxiety Even experienced people often shy away from rejection Seller to reach out to new prospects.

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No economic stimulus program for competitors

Why are so many sellers neglecting the topic of systematic new customer acquisition? There are different reasons for this.

It is not uncommon for even long-standing salespeople to be afraid of approaching strangers People and don't handle rejection well. Others fear that the price expected is too low right from the first contact and then the arguments are missing.

There are no secure customers

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No provider can trust that his customers will keep him in the long run for sure are. From one day to the next it can happen that an important one Customer breaks away.

Not even the seller has done anything wrong. One customer is another Company bought, goes into bankruptcy or the buyer changes and wants to work with new suppliers.

Avoid pressure during acquisition

If sellers only start acquiring new customers when they really Turnover need, they are under pressure. Sellers who depend on orders, act not attractive to their negotiating partner and often enough they only buy new customers with high discounts.

On the other hand, if you regularly check in with potential customers Conversation brings, knows and communicates its decisive added value, will automatically win new customers sooner or later. Because those who are not desperately dependent on new customers appear more confident and increases its attractiveness to its desired customers.

Use your own experience

Every seller actually knows it useful is to put yourself in the position of the customer. But hardly anyone does it really and one hundred percent. Put it to the test and look for a supplier for a specific product Problem, which you would like to get solved.

You will notice how demanding it is trust to find the right provider. Things to Learn You from these experiences - and make it easier for your customers to come to you.

Five tips for succeeding in new customer acquisition

Customers always buy. The question is: what from whom? Anyone who has a good offer is morally obliged to present it. Thus, the (new) customer acquisition easier:

  1. Communicate customer-relevant strengths: It is sometimes very difficult for customers to distinguish good offers from less good offers. This does not primarily mean the cheaper price, but the decisive added value that is relevant for interested parties -> Check whether it is easy to see from your written offers, image brochures and the website when and why you are the right provider!
  2. To prove our expertise: Talking about success is one thing; Making customers demonstrably successful is another. With pictures, statements, awards and much more, potential customers can be given the feeling of security that the change of supplier is worthwhile -> Is the professionalism and competence clearly recognizable in your entire appearance (correspondence, website, company car, ...)?
  3. Define target groups exactly: Telephone calls, mailings, trade fair appearances or other customer acquisition measures: Nobody can be the right provider for everyone. It is therefore important to be where the relevant target group is located, which fits perfectly into the provider's prey scheme -> Do you know the companies for which you would be the ideal supplier - and do you know them by now?
  4. Do not confuse silence with listening: People buy from people. However, especially in sales, it is common for providers to "chat to death" with their potential customers instead of entering into a real dialogue with them. An original conversation starter helps to attract the attention of the desired customer -> What challenges do your desired customers have and how can you make them aware in the first contact that you are the optimal solution?
  5. Not only talk, but also deliver: Getting the job is one thing; To fulfill this to the fullest satisfaction is another. A main reason why many customers remain loyal to their supplier, even if they are not XNUMX percent satisfied with them, is that they are afraid that after a change everything will become even more difficult and complicated. -> How can you make sure that Do you really realize what you promised during the acquisition?

New customer acquisition is also the responsibility of the sales managers

Sellers can only be as good as their company

Sellers can only be as good as the company and the people behind it. The Success of the seller is based not least on the fact that he personally forms the link between two business operations. Like every human being, he has strengths and weaknesses.

If the latter is not only perceived by his company, but also through appropriate support and through good Strategies positively influenced, a long-term profitable constellation can develop. For the seller, for the entrepreneur and last but not least for the customer.

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