When women in System trapped in the hierarchy of validity, they must become personal Criticism take to heart. On the other hand, when they realize that the rules of a domination hierarchy are valid, they can think about how to get to the next point.

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Whoever does not want to be liked becomes more capable of acting

Or simply put, the men do not have to like a boss, not as a woman, not as a person, they must and should only respect them in their position. This is something completely different.

When you take this angle, you will notice that you become much more effective. It is precisely what the other side is consciously or unconsciously trying to avoid.

Turn off the competition

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Men are also fighting for rank, but with different means and arguments. This is not noticeable to women by their factual orientation but often not at all. They first register the supposedly personal attack on themselves.

But the personal thing about it is above all that the men don't even want to let a possible competitor play with them. From their point of view, this is the best Solution. And it often works because the women insulted, frightened, annoyed, withdraw and leave the terrain to the men.

This is how the anti-odds argument works

A good Method, the men notice, and carry on like this. The anti-quota argument also works like this: "Then bad women would come, oh dear, oh dear." And that, although quota only with the same qualification engages.

But the game works, high-ranking women even comment publicly: "No, we don't want the quota." Instead of saying, "Nice try, I know what I'm doing anyway."

The game has worked well so far

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For the men, the game has worked well so far. Even though it has been the subject of intense debate lately, until today there is no law that would allow the Corporate would dictate the quota.

It is interesting that women are so dependent on the critical eye and constantly wait for confirmation, instead of giving it to themselves first and to insist that by good self-marketing their counterpart sooner or later share this impression.

The clearer the attitude, the easier a high status

And, don't worry, cleverly expanding one's own behavioral spectrum does not mean becoming "masculine" because of it. It is important to keep reflecting on your own role and to analyze the playing field as a system. Tom Schmitt and Michael Esser, authors of the book Status-Games, know: “The clearer the inner attitude, the easier it is to attain high status.”

male Executives rather see themselves at the top, to organize and check the activity of their Employees and ordnen at. Women, on the other hand, organize their work more circularly, even as managers, and participate together with their employees in theirs Implementation and usually maintain a team-oriented communication style.

Female communication style: Good for the company, but bad for the career

In line with their holistic approach, women favor joint project meetings and place great value on dialogue with their employees. the Communication can flow directly between the individual areas of responsibility and is not restricted to orders from above.

Such a female communication style has many advantages for the company - but so far it has only been used in very few cases Ascent appreciated. Women fail above all because of a lack of “promotional efficiency”, says the Bonn management trainer Monika Henn.

Lack of ascent efficiency

In an empirical study, she found that male managers differ from their employees in assertiveness and resilience, while female Managers do it with flexibility and a high level of team orientation.

These qualities are indeed helpful for a leadership role. But no matter whether in self-marketing, networks, strategic and political calculation or striving for power: women hold back more than men.

Male competition orientation

This hinders the direct way up. Competitive Behavior is familiar to men from their childhood games. They have been trained from an early age to establish hierarchies and demonstrate a will to win and independence.

Through their communicative behavior, men in the different groups, in which their professional life takes place, constantly establish the social hierarchy in the power system. It is clarified who is the stag, who is the second, third, etc. For most men, though an unconscious, yet familiar process.

The power code is simply not familiar to them

Women, on the other hand, are often alien to this mechanism. As sensitive as they are to interpersonal behavior as a rule, it does not know what is going on at this level. The reason is that the code is simply unfamiliar to them.

In order to recognize hierarchical structures, field observation helps according to the motto: "Respect, but no Anxiety before top dogs”.

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