Excuses used (almost) everyone. The one more, the other less, the more skillful, the other rather amateurish. The main trigger for excuses is a latent desire to justify itself. Before others and especially before themselves.

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What would our lives be without excuses?

The meeting just took a little longer. A traffic jam prevented punctual arrival. Statements of this kind are easy for most of us to utter without a guilty conscience. It's easier to say than the honest confession that a little gossip from colleagues followed or that you just left too late.

The truth is bent a little. Everything fits. There are hardly any consequences to be feared. Usually not even if our counterpart knows that it was just an excuse. Excuses have always been in our hearts Society a tacitly acknowledged one Behavior.

Reasons for excuses

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Our human nature strives for Harmony. With the right excuse, a possible Konflikt, no matter how small, avoid. negatives circumstances are glossed over, veiled or concealed so that we don't use our faces verlieren, not having to admit mistakes or accept responsibility.

With excuses we try to put our self-image in the right light, to appear as we would like to be and to be perceived.

Fear of rejection

The way food is Anxiety before rejection plays a role. Anyone who admits a mistake has made it. If this violation of the norm cannot be undone, mitigating circumstances must at least be found.

With imagination and creativity the unpleasant fact or situation is embellished. Half-truths or inaccurate arguments are sought, found, put forward and believed - eventually even by ourselves.

Excuses disguise priorities

One of the most used excuses is the statement "I don't have time for that" - which is often synonymous with 'not taking time for something' because it is not important to me. Conversely, this means: If I really want to do something, I also find the time.

It is up to each individual to classify them accordingly. However, this presupposes knowing or finding out what you really want. Then can priorities set and changes implemented.

No time gain

From tomorrow everything will be different. Caution! The next excuse is already waiting to be used. Postponing until tomorrow becomes easy a pushing ahead.

And completely for sure we can think of plenty of reasons why this has to be the case. Time is not gained in this way, rather opportunities are wasted through inactivity.

Excuses for fear of change

Although we suffer, we find each other fast with unsatisfactory facts and explain why we are suffering. With this attitude we face it Problem don't and don't look for any Solution. Whining is comfortable.

To change things or states is to become active, change habits. But who guarantees that this change will actually bring the hoped for improvement?

Excuses are obstacles

Slightly sneaks back into excuses, the reasons why this can work with others but never with one itself.

What is overlooked is that the colleague's envied happiness is based on hard work, that one's own chances were also recognized, but that Courage using them was missing. Excuses are a real hindrance.

Why chocolate is a vegetable

Chocolate is made from the beans of the cacao bush. Beans are vegetables. Sugar is obtained from sugar beet. Beets are vegetables. So chocolate is a vegetable. Fearing the consequences, we keep lying to ourselves instead of telling the facts Eye to see.

Excuses make some things (apparently) easier, but they are usually the wrong truth. Although sometimes painful to accept the real truth, it is the only way than Personality to grow.

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