are high achievers People, for whom everything seems to succeed by itself. But there is hard work behind it – and a high degree of self-regulation.

Think and work like a high-flyer: success instead of a hamster wheel

What do Musk, Gates or Bezos have in common?

Particularly successful people like Bill Gates, Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos have one thing in common - they are high achievers. But the good news is: We all have the potential to be successful, but sometimes it takes a little more effort to get there because the structural requirements are too different - and which is a no brainer for some, because already Money in the bank account and the risk increases invest is therefore not too big, it is a back-breaking job for the others, who literally have to work their way up from below.

But one thing is fundamentally important: to be successful and reach your full potential, you must learn to think, work and live like a high achiever. However, it can be difficult Motivation and to find the drive, your Set to achieve and put in the hard work necessary to succeed. Working like a high achiever takes dedication and Disciplineto get the job done, no matter how difficult it may seem. That includes, yourself klare and set achievable goals Courage to have, risks to enter and move yourself outside of your comfort zone. You also have to be organized and efficient and Tasks to priorities ordnen. But most importantly, work like a high achiever by using your time wisely and believing in yourself.

Think like a high flyer: shorten, lever, take off

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In short, 3 basic thought patterns are crucial Significanceto help you thrive in everything you do and become the best version of yourself. These high-flyer thought patterns are:

  1. Shorten: Lateral thinking, for example finding the credibility you have gained in your own professional environment for lateral entry into more attractive industries and jobs - as US presidents usually do.
  2. To leverage: This is how you grow into giants. This is how surfers become world champions, and this is how homeless artists become Grammy winners.
  3. Lift up: Think bigger and act bigger than the average. This is the spirit of the “overachiever”

Recipes for success: what motivates high-flyers?

High achievers are typically characterized as single-minded achievers, people who have a knack for making the most of their abilities, their... Background and bring out their skills. But what motivates them? What drives you to achieve so much? But what exactly are the skills that make real high-flyers? In the end, is it the desire for more money that drives you forward? Spoilers, it's not money.

Management pioneer Anja Förster and her husband Peter Kreuz have been feeling the world for years Companys and personalities who are as unconventional as they are successful: organizations that attract the best talent and customers and people who are passionate about making a real difference with their work. And they help their readers and listeners to Strategies to translate for yourself. I have seen Anja Förster live again and again, for example at events at the Frankfurt Book Fair or in Berlin. In her lectures, for example, she cleared up some common motivational prejudices: It is not the reward at the end, eg in the form of payment, that leads to better results - but rather self-determination and meaningful work.


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Start the day like a high-flyer - no 5 tips!

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When you ask successful people how they do it all, certain routines or habits come up again and again. About 5 morning rituals that get you off to a good start. The list then contains banal points such as “Make your bed!” or "Do 5 to 10 reps of anything." I wanted to know more about it and went to Google Dublin for an interview with the Sales-Meet Google Ireland Director Fionnuala Meehan. Well that was a while ago, but the interview to her workflow. is still red hot. Because what is still impressive about the interview is the core statement, which caused a lot of discussion:

“It's mostly my own conscious decision, how long I work and when I can be reached.”

This statement immediately led to contradiction when the interview was published. The commentators criticized that this attitude had to be affordable and was only possible in the right position. I see it the other way around: Fionnuala Meehan is in that position because she has enough self-confidence has also sometimes "No” to say, prioritizing refueling her energy reserves over perhaps another nonsensical one Meeting or irrelevant phone call.

Relaxation instead of high-performers: saying no – do you have to be able to afford it?

Before the interview, I thought I was sitting across from a classic sleepy-eyed high performer like Marisa Mayer. On the contrary, Meehan is rather humble, reserved - and easy-going. Someone who needs to sleep seven hours to be fit. And this in a company that is known for being the Employees already at the front door to work and in which many under 12 hours a day do not even leave the Office come out

Um Honestly I think that many employees might even like to be in such an office, often more than they should, because the Google office offers so many cool chill-out options, as the photos from the Google office show. Dublin even has a swimming pool and gym. A hamster wheel with a fitness cell, so to speak. Of course, the obligatory healthy food is also everywhere. And what is Fionnuala Meehan doing?

Hamster wheel with fitness cell: You have to give yourself some space

She prefers to go for a walk to relax. And she deliberately doesn't spend her free time with her colleagues, preferring to spend it with her three children. Healthy attitude, which, as she says, is also a question of personal maturity and work experience. Because hers Opinions According to Meehan, it's important, especially in such a demanding job as at Google, to switch off from time to time, because only then is she fit for the job. This is exactly how she communicates her determination to her colleagues - and that is then accepted.

So getting off the hamster wheel is all just a question of your own personal decision? The fact is: the decision to get off the hamster wheel of life is not always light, but it's one of the most important decisions you can make for yourself. The hamster wheel is an easy trap to fall into. Our lives are caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life and the demands of Job and Family. We're so busy rushing from task to task, meeting to meeting, errand to errand, that we forget to take the time to stop and think about what's really important to us. We must take the time to get off the hamster wheel and put our own wellbeing and goals first if we are to live the life we ​​truly desire. Only then can we be successful in the long term and become a high-flyer.

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