Francesco Friedrich demonstrates it. The conditions to win are not a constant in professional sports that you can rely on comfortably. Make Company adopting this basic attitude, challenges in the Guide master better.

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A historic event

Eisarena Königssee on the 26. February 2017: After four thrilling races in four-man bobs at the World Cup, there are two world champions for the first time.

One of them is Francesco Friedrich, who secured his fourth World Champion title in a two-man bob, in which he already made history as 2013's youngest bobsleigh champion ever.

Different conditions

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In performance sports, not only the weather is often whimsical and every train is waiting with other conditions. Other factors during the season also require professional athletes to adapt themselves agile to the most varied conditions - during and off the race.

Francesco Friedrich also had to master numerous changes this winter: a new national coach joined the coach he had trusted for many years. Two different bobsleigh manufacturers gave the athlete the advantage of a direct comparison, but also an invitation to the whole Teamto test again and again and to make decisions. In addition, there was bad luck with injuries.

Agile guiding

Similarly in the company: Even in companies have to Employees adjust to new bosses more often and faster due to changing project teams (and vice versa). A new Projects, a new software, colleagues suddenly drop out due to illness. The framework conditions are not always ideal – what matters is how we deal with them and whether we grow from them.

In times of globalization and digitization, many companies are fixated on short-term results - measurable in hard facts and key figures. For the long term Success however, values, culture and employees must increasingly come into focus. agile Leading means repeatedly including and exploring different conditions, re-evaluating and acting in new ways.

Presence and training

Many management situations - whether in the Bob at Francesco Friedrich or in companies - are characterized by opposing expectations. Positioning yourself in these areas of tension is what makes it sovereignty in the leadership role. Leadership means navigating as well as overcoming hurdles and making decisions.

This can only succeed with permanent presence and continuous training. No different from competitive sports. The bob pilot said: “If decisions are made in the interests of the team, they are also secured. In the race we literally have to be able to rely on each other blindly. ”

Not letting faith decide over anything

A bobsleigh ride is fun... a bobsleigh ride is beautiful! Quite for sure, if it is crowned with success or even repeated World Cup victory.

In companies, too, projects are often figuratively going down the ice track with momentum, speed is picked up in the planning phase and in the Implementation a team steers curve by curve, so to speak Objective opposite.

5 Tips on what companies can learn from Bob World Champion

In sports as in Business applies: If you want to emerge as a winner from the race for medals, orders or the project goal, you will leave nothing to chance. Companies can learn from the following five parallels:

  1. Mental preparation: Rituals help the athletes to start as a true team and mentally prepare for victory together. What is your “battle cry”? Do you have a signal of commonality? A song, a high five, a handshake - that's how everyone identifies with the vision, with the goal.
  2. Start-up phase: The start has to be right. Pilot, pusher or brakeman. Everyone knows who jumps into the bob in which order. Precision is required. One step too early or too late and the potential will not be exploited. The bob goes from zero to one hundred in a few seconds. Does everyone in your team know their position and function? Are you about to pick up speed? Or do you hesitate and often need unnecessarily long to get going on a new project? Even if the greatest effort is required at the beginning, in the start-up phase it is important to pull others along, to inspire them.
  3. Acceleration: If the bobsleigh starts, everyone must be able to make themselves as small as possible. Except for the pilot who steers, all heads duck down. There is blind confidence that the pilot knows what he is doing. Everyone does their job. Is everyone in your team aware of their importance? At the same time, the ability to “go into hiding” is encouraged.
  4. In the target: Often the finish line decides success or defeat. Only those who manage to keep concentration up to the end and give everything on the final stage is rewarded. At the moment when the target is reached, pressure and tension are instantly lost. Exhale, the feeling of having arrived, mastered the race together. Do you know your measuring points? When do you raise your arms and enjoy the raging applause of the audience? Enjoying success together differentiates winners from winners.
  5. brakes: The great art is to slow down exactly at the right moment. What is self-explanatory when bobbing causes great problems in the company. Without stopping, it goes from one project to the next. Then it is, again and again, consciously, to withdraw speed so as not to shoot beyond the target.

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