Some time ago there was Best of HR -® an exciting discussion: the topic was that HR Candidate often fast put in drawers - and that these also the Courage should have to show more of themselves. Actually?


How honest can applicants be?

The key question in the discussion on Dirk Ohlmeier's contribution was: How Honestly Applicants may, indeed must, actually be. As Ohlmeier wrote in his contribution:

It remains questionable whether this question and answer game is the right way? The added value of rehearsed job interviews that follow the formula F cannot be effective... It is often forgotten that Candidates slip into the applicant role in job interviews. However, this represents only one facet of the candidate and is not necessarily the same as the role of the employee, colleague or supervisor.

Applicants, are you open?

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The Recruiting-Training and interim recruiting manager Henrik Zaborowski made a comment clearthat you should see job interviews as a non-binding getting to know each other. And also immediately explains what it should look like:

Does that mean for the Company: Give applicants the opportunity before they even join apply want to speak to your employees. And for the applicants: Use your networks and have a say People, not with roles! And no Anxiety before openness. Otherwise you will end up in jobs and corporate cultures that do not suit you.

How much openness is good?

Now I would like to fully agree with Mr. Zaborowski: It does not matter, to turn in the application interview, which one afterwards in full-time job but never quite endure.

But how much openness is good and when does openness become rude as in the example shown in the photo above? There are Boy People who actually bring something like that - and when they hear something about openness and honesty, they believe that that's exactly what it means.

The subtleties of communication are important

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In fact, in such advice, one should avoid the intricacies of the Communication withholding that are necessary in social interaction. And that's where I want to go Michal Moeslang's contribution refer to professional authenticity, which also led to heated discussions. Moeslang stated:

When we interact with others, our powerful subconscious constantly checks whether what they are doing and saying is real. It is a security strategy. However, the crucial word is not “real” at all, but rather “works”. We are concerned with whether we believe that someone acts genuinely in their actions and speeches.

So in the end everything is a question of consideration? And maybe we shouldn't give applicants a little bit of this tool before we tell them "just be yourself"?

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