But even if perfectionists manage to meticulously clear off their mountain of tasks: Many examples show that it doesn't matter at all. Success often just doesn't depend on Performance away. The right thing is much more important Network of contacts.

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Success through notoriety

A very large part of the success is through the spun contact network and the name recognition in the Corporate certainly. Pure hard-working workers, who quietly work their way through their little room from morning to night, therefore have bad cards, because nobody sees how they toil.

The Executivewho only comes at 9 a.m. doesn't even notice that you were there at 7 a.m. to get the project concept ready on time. He overlooks the fact that you don't take a lunch break because you still have that eMailList must work through. And when he goes to 18 clock, he also gets no more, as the perfectionist beats the night because he still processes the files.

Do good and talk about it

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How important positive Self-portrayal in companies is what perfectionists often only realize when colleagues pass them on the career ladder and they themselves are falling behind professionally.

For others, when no one is going to put their mouths to their lips, many perfectionists are silent, because this form of self-expression seems inappropriate to them.

Working on the performance limit is more damaging

Instead, they always work on their performance limits, hoping that others will notice their dedication and talent on their own. Secretly, however, they often dream of breastfeeding from accomplishing something truly great that surprises and outshines everyone else.

But it rarely happens that the increased use is also perceived, because the performance is taken for granted by most bosses.

What superiors perceive, on the other hand, are the negative aspects of perfectionism, because they are, unfortunately, much more obvious. Perfectionists often have not only to themselves but also to other high demands and are extremely truth-loving.

The good wire is important!

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Therefore keep up with her Opinions reluctantly behind the mountain, even if it hurts. There are also ambitious People practically in constant competition with others are unpleasantly noticeable for this reason alone.

But who, for example, in Meeting constantly openly criticizes colleagues and even the boss and shows that he knows everything better, need not be surprised if he is soon decried as bossy and uncomfortable and uses up his sympathy points. Instead of putting your finger on burning wounds in this way, it would sometimes be much more convenient to simply play the game of appearances.

Principle of humanity

Because often rises on the career ladder faster, who has a good line to the right people. This is due to the fact that humans are by nature less designed for competitive behavior than for cooperation.

The neurobiologist and doctor Joachim Bauer explained this very clearly in his book “Principle of Humanity: Why we cooperate by nature”. Accordingly, the basic human motivation is interpersonal recognition, Esteemto find and give attention or affection - and not to eliminate the competition according to the motto survival of the fittest.

Why we should cooperate

And the relationship with the boss is also better if you talk to each other instead of constantly Criticism zu to practice, cooperated with him. That doesn't mean constantly sacrificing yourself for them: it's more about helping the boss and the company achieve their goals by putting yourself in their shoes and knowing what they want before they say it.

It's about being informed about the processes in the company at all times in order to be able to act correctly if necessary. And it's about your own Competencies expand to be useful to the business. Anyone who acts in this way makes life easier for their boss and makes themselves indispensable – Career guaranteed!

Founders stand in the way with perfectionism itself

But even those who are their own boss stand in their own way as entrepreneurs: Because as a Founder Nobody can say exactly how to do it, and this makes many enormously insecure, some founders display all sorts of perfectionist habits to compensate for their insecurity: They want to do everything as correctly and perfectly as possible and avoid every mistake if possible.

Because the StrategyWanting to avoid mistakes at all costs, even as a self-employed person, only means that decisions are repeatedly postponed or not made at all - absolutely deadly for founders, for those who have the ability to be self-employed decide is one of the most important properties. In this way, perfectionism also inhibits the ability to learn from mistakes - and thus everyone Innovation.

Break the joy of your own idea?

But that's not all: perfectionist founders verlieren only too happy to focus on the smallest details, such as the design of the business card, instead of keeping an eye on the big picture. You then stubbornly follow the path you have chosen, because every deviation leads to even more uncertainty.

They also destroy the joy of founding their own company. And instead of working effectively, some founders become blind actionism. But that doesn't have to be the case if you just look at yourself clear makes why you act like this - namely uncertainty!

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