You can experience something not only on a trip to foreign countries, but also on a trip through the communication and service landscape of a company. Everyone leaves behind Contact Traces: in the minds and hearts of People – and often enough also on the web. Because just like in real life, you want to tell about your trip.

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What are touchpoints?

Touchpoints are the points of contact between provider and Customer. At every touchpoint, the customer collects impressions, makes user experiences or has user experiences that condense into an overall picture: This provider is the right one for me in the long run - or not.

Here, the Opinions of customers always subjective, often generalizing, sometimes unfair, maybe even wrong - but it is his opinion that he passes on when asked and unasked. It is mainly such testimonials that influence the purchasing decisions of third parties.

In addition, the customer considers one Company always as a unit. Departmental responsibilities do not interest him. From each in the performance chain he expects a perfect job, and each Detail counts. That's why you need synchronized processes that work like clockwork. Customer journeys point the way. They are developed from the customer's point of view - because that alone counts.

Knowledge about customer journeys is very important

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Originally it comes from Term Customer journey from e-commerce. It describes the user's path when surfing the web via views and clicks to the point of purchase. What is often forgotten in this consideration: A potential customer not only jumps back and forth on the web, but rather combines virtual with real touchpoints.

Long before he makes direct contact with the provider, he has read reviews and compared prices. Customers who are willing to make a purchase prefer to first go to the mostly web-based quotes from third parties. Depending on Industry Well over 50 percent of all preliminary purchasing decisions are made in this way. And that means: you have to develop your customers to the level of recommenders.

In addition, the customer clicks into the online world using various devices. Very rarely does he follow the channels planned by the provider, which act in an uncoordinated manner. No, he goes his own way. The customer-specific "offline-online-mobile-customer-journey" must therefore be the linchpin of all company activities.

How to visualize a customer journey

If you follow customer logic, every customer relationship grows out of a chronological sequence of interactions, which develop from a point in the past to a common one Future emotional. Therefore, for me, a horizontal representation is the means of Choice. Like a journey, it documents the course of a customer journey with all its phases and stops.

Here the Method of the "Touchpoint Journey Mapping" proved to be particularly helpful. A typical customer journey is drawn in the form of a map. The path to each touchpoint appears as a continuous line from left to right, although some customers may also walk back and forth or walk in loops.

A typical customer journey can consist of the following stations, for example: Online research - preselection - contacting - consultation - conclusion of contract - receipt of invoice - payment - receipt of the goods - use of the goods - (complaint) - (repurchase) - (recommendation) - (jump). What can this look like visually? Ask Look at search engines, there are a lot of different graphics on this.

There is not just one way to the goal

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Each customer journey can consist of approximately the same main stations, but in detail the path from the prospect to the potential brand ambassador is different for each customer. And of course, the same customer leaves depending on Lust and mood different ways.

In addition, individual over-the-counterpoints, such as a consultation call, can be split into subpoints. Or one represents the different travel eras of different personas. Personas are prototypical customer representatives, which we look more closely in the following article.

You can also split the Touchpoint journey into three major stages: 1. before, 2. while and 3. after a transaction. Or you divide the customer relationship into the sections come - stay - go. At Fressnapf, a provider for the needs of animal housemates, even a puppy-Journey was developed.

Customer journeys also help save costs

Very fast is used when visualizing a customer journey clear, which touchpoints are missing from the customer’s perspective, which are very relevant and which are completely irrelevant. Unnecessary touchpoints can be excluded, ignored or deactivated - and you can do a lot that way Costs save up.

In an insurance company, for example, 120's existing brochures were only used in the day-to-day work of brokers, according to a study by Eschbrand Consultants.

My tip: Create a separate list for the sorted out touchpoints and check from time to time whether your decisionto ignore them is still correct. Because that Behavior of customers is changing rapidly.

How to improve the travel quality on an ongoing basis

Supposedly small touchpoints can be great painpoints from the customer's point of view. These must therefore be found and eradicated as soon as possible. Lovepoints, on the other hand, must be reinforced and tamped. To the heights and depths of a customer experience, you should consult the customers.

The supertouchpoints, which particularly contribute to reputation, customer loyalty and recommendation, can now also be determined. Finally, possible interrelationships between the individual touchpoints can be recognized and synergy or cannibalization effects can be identified.

If the interaction possibilities have been brought into a customer-logical sequence, their interaction can be optimized and made more customer-friendly. Every touchpoint is examined to see whether what happens there is disappointing, okay or inspiring from the customer's point of view. How to do this in my new book Touch.Point.Sieg.

Graphic customer journey

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