What influence do social media have? Company and the selection of applicants? The answers to these Ask open the Perspektive to a deeply elementary question: When are companies actually ready for this type of applicant search? And when does it even cause damage in the company?

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Does social media really fit with us?

“Modern Times” was the name of Charlie Chaplin's classic film from the mid-30s. At that time, modernism referred to the industrialization of the Working world, today digitization plays this role. That makes companies nervous. But why actually?

Many corporate executives think that if they do not act now, show how modern and open-minded they are to the new media, they will not lure new, interesting newcomers on board - really? Or should be the first consideration before sometimes hectic social media activity: Does that (already) to us?

Company as Spiegel social development

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What happens in companies is a Spiegel social developments Spiegel the self-image in dealing with each other, also in hierarchies, and the self-confidence of the actors.

Changes can already be noted here, which at first often tend to be hidden act but over countless individual events increasingly the Character torpedo hitherto classic power structures.

Little sympathy for dusty corporate cultures

This can be seen in the young, self-confident high potentials that companies now have to advertise for (and no longer vice versa).

Boy PeopleThat's just as well the path from self-employment to creative networks and see co-working spaces. And who have little sympathy for antiquated corporate structures.

High potentials first ask about the corporate culture

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It is not uncommon for high potentials to appear directly in the job interview Similar questions to these for the HR decision-maker:

This brings us to the question: What influence do social and interactive media have on companies in general and especially on the selection of applicants in companies?

Do not jump blindly on the wrong train

Not every new instrument or tool for personnel development and thus also the design of the Organization suits every company. The Solution cannot be due to the fact that companies now “blindly” think they have to jump on this bandwagon:

Everyone else is already on board, at least that's how it looks. Be careful, it could also be the wrong move. Nothing conveys the destructive impression more strongly that a company and its protagonists are not authentic, as an image that a company imposes on itself, but which is not based on a solid or well thought-out basis.

We have to - but are we ready for it?

For companies, the only question that can arise is “we cannot avoid it” - but what follows from this are the following questions:

  1. Are we ready for it?
  2. Can we deal with the people we have recruited in this way at all?
  3. Or would we have to think about something else, about our corporate culture?

Recruitment ways that cause damage

Many companies often act hectic, hasty: we have to be modern, e.g. with Recruiting via social media, but unfortunately that is often a single step that is not strategically substantiated; then it fizzles out Effect not only, in the worst case it can even cause damage:

The company fetches Employees into the house for which it is not yet prepared at all, i.e. their demands for transparency, etc. It may also not be able to correctly classify the information that is circulating on the net, it measures things Significance to those who don't have or vice versa. But of course there is always another way.

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