Anxiety can one for sure save you from a lot of trouble, but it can also be extremely obstructive when it comes to making a change. It quickly becomes a convenient excuse.

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There is always some excuse not to do anything

It doesn't matter whether the economy is going up or down and the number of unemployed is rising or falling – there is always negative news, the People of change hold fear and panic act then harder than facts.

The fact is: the job market is often used as an argument to stick to an unpopular job. Because in the minds of many people it is creepy there:

In the job market are the laws of the jungle prevailing?

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“Of course I would like to have another job. But nowadays it would be suicide to voluntarily choose a safe one Workplace to give up. We all know that there are shortages and suffering on the labor market. I'd rather stay away and stay where I am."

In the labor market, many believe that there is a fundamental shortage, because jobs are a scarce commodity. The job market is always only interested in others, never in me. This market is more like a battlefield where the laws of the jungle apply.

Only the tough get into the garden?

Only the really tough and ruthless can win here. Or Boy People with a super qualification and mega experience. There, Otto Normal-Malocher is pushed onto the siding – whoever enters the job market will sooner or later end up at the employment office.

In the same way that a scary film plays out on the big screen, the labor market will – so many believe – only in Jobs and job exchanges. But there they either find offers for exactly the job they are currently dissatisfied with – or a more attractive one for which they do not feel qualified.

Job advertisements - a sure way to spoil your mood

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For riders of dead horses, this reading is almost always a sure way to spoil your mood and to confirm what you already knew before: that there is no way out, because the labor market holds no offers.

The fear of unemployment is understandably great in many people who would like to have a new job. Often, however, people take it for granted that there is no need for the jobs they dream of.

Faith instead of knowledge

Only such a fear is often based on assumptions that are not examined in a differentiated way. Instead of intensive research, with people and Company to speak and perhaps look for similar alternatives, they hold fast to their belief in the labor market, which offers them no opportunities, immovably.

When I'm split inside and a part of me resistance against any possible change, such a simple and negative image suits me very well. The job market is a great projection surface for my fears and the perfect reason for my inactivity.

Everyone else thinks so too!

Since many people work in a similar way and share this picture, it is relatively easy to get confirmation from others that “with this desire to work, you certainly cannot become anything”. The labor market is one of the most frequently used arguments for riding dead horses.

The labor market is exactly what the Term says: a very large and complex market. And this market is constantly coming and going.

Deceptive statistics from the labor market

If, for example, the statistics in January and December of a year indicate three million unemployed people, they are not the same time at the same time.

A part is certainly unemployed for a long time, but for many it is only a stopover on the way from Job A to Job B. It is also a misunderstanding to believe that the job market is only reflected in job advertisements and job boards.

Fixed on job advertisements like the rabbit on the snake

This is because only part of the positions are awarded. Internal and, above all, unsolicited applications are becoming more and more popular Significance. However, since many people shy away from starting their own search on their own initiative and creatively, they prefer to continue staring at the job exchanges like a rabbit at a snake.

Once upon a time there was Working world with lifelong employment and clearly defined professional profiles that have hardly changed over the years. There one became something and remained so for a lifetime. It was more convenient and offered much more security and continuity than we know today.

More opportunities, more risks

However, there are also fewer opportunities to adapt work to changed living conditions and interests. Today we cannot avoid it, ours Jobs to take matters into our own hands and ours Set and define content yourself.

What is needed in the market is subject to great fluctuations. The speed of the change increases. New professional images are constantly being created. Many activities are extremely complex, develop into niches and can not be described with conventional job profiles.

Do not cling, but use opportunities!

The forms of work are becoming ever more diverse. Full-time employment over many years is simply not and will not be the norm.

If I cling to it, how good it was once and how bad it is today, if I do not accept the new game rules for me and after the old simply uninhibited, the labor market seems to me frightening.

Symptom for inner resistance?

If I long for a new career, but refer to the horrors of the labor market to justify my persistence, this is most likely a symptom of my inner resistance rather than a valid argument!

Do you sometimes think that you have no professional Alternatives have a chance on the job market? Limits your professional Reorientation to comb through job advertisements and job exchanges? And does that mainly cause you frustration?

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