Whether a Candidate or an applicant for job interview is invited decides with the impression that the Application leaves behind. The right formulation and appearance play an important role in this.

How to formulate your cover letter correctly: 7 tips for a good first impression

Where are the application trends going?

Again and again in the discussion are anonymous applications, ie applications will be made in the future without a name, photo, Age and gender submitted. This is intended to avoid discrimination, for example because of origin. In principle, fine beautiful Idea is, then those who still believe that qualifications are the only important factor in applications and not a meaningful photo would finally have a chance of getting a job.

At least in theory. The reality is rather different. Not entirely wrong to throw critic  This procedure stipulates that the discrimination then begins at the latest during the job interview. And clear, Candidate may be invited to an interview sooner, but then he still doesn't have the job.

Does the toilet application have a future?

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Or should the interview also take place through the closed door - e.g. in the toilet? What now sounds like a stupid joke, some people mean quite seriously: Burak Kaynak has one Application form designed to be written on a toilet roll.

That will probably not prevail. Nevertheless, the basic idea is not as crazy and stupid as it seems at first glance: The quiet place is, in the truest sense of the word, probably the only place where people are very busy HR time and - very importantly - have nothing to do. On the contrary, most of the time you stare stubbornly at a bare wall or door. Strategically, it would not be so unfavorable if the contact person had the application documents in front of his nose at this very moment.

What is important when making the right application?

Also in other respects such a toilet application would have Future – Attention irony: As is well known, brevity is the spice. At letter of application It is often the first sentences that count, whether they are convincing or not. If the wording and optics are not right, applications will be rejected straight away.

And finally, such an application could also score with the original design. Because even when applying, the question is: Which documents end up at the top of the pile of potential new ones Employees, what is the difference between the two? A 08-15 application does not stand out from the mass of incoming letters. However, an application should not be too individual.

7 tips for a good application

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But what is important then? Which factors are essential in order to attract attention in an application? Experience shows that the following 7 points are important:

  1. The optics count: Successful applications stand out because of their attractive appearance, unusual texts or excellent grades. It doesn't have to be the perfect application that is convincing at all levels to get the job. If the grades are not outstanding, the optics can compensate for the shortcoming; If the applicant does not have the spelling and formulation of exciting texts in their blood, the writing scores with a creative appearance.
  2. Stand out, stand out, stand out: If the letter is characterized by something extraordinary, the chances of being invited to a personal conversation increase. The external impression is obviously the first thing that distinguishes successful applications from the rest. Since professional competence and a good feel for graphics and design do not always go hand in hand, it can make sense to hire a designer or freelancer on online platforms to take on the appropriate look.
  3. To put it in a nutshell: What applicants often forget: HR managers are very busy people. The day is clocked, usually one appointment follows the next. An application that consists of numerous empty phrases and trivialities is simply skimmed over. If there is actually a positive quality or an impressive hiring criterion hidden in the jumble of formalities, it will hardly be noticed. Smart, convincing texts are not too long and do not talk around the essentials. Better to be short and sweet than lengthy and lengthy.
  4. Write and design your application to match the job: A social media consultant who emails a post instead of a cover letter and an Instagram vita instead of a résumé is very likely to be one step further and can prepare for the personal interview. An accountant who already proves his Excel skills in the application letter has a good chance of getting the job. It is not so much a question of shining in every respect, but rather of impressing with specific creativity.
  5. Grammar and Spelling: Correctly! There is nothing more to say on this point. Anyone who does not have the necessary knowledge asks friends, family or acquaintances for help. Checking a text for spelling mistakes or weaknesses in style and sentence structure only takes a few minutes.
  6. Less is more: Complete and without gaps - this mantra is still listed in many guidebooks. It's just that relevant information such as B. Trainingthat should appear in a modern application. Those who have completed an internship in a craft business in the middle school are welcome to forego the confirmation, provided that it is not relevant to the desired job. Not every stage and every temporary job after graduating from high school should appear in the résumé, a simple mention of the secondary jobs collected is completely sufficient.
  7. Formal requirements - yes or no? Font, border width, DIN standards - if this is explicitly required in the job advertisement, applicants should adhere to them. In all other cases, an individual concept that suits the job is appropriate.

The best quiet place for your application?

Back to the toilet application: After all, there is also toilet advertising - so why no toiletsbe:advertising? However, I think there are places where the application would be better off than on the toilet paper - it's noticeable there, but rather uncomfortable because, well, actually you're looking for something else at the moment.... Or is it more about the time useful to use?

Perhaps there are sometime times even times displays, which are integrated into Klodeckel or hang on the toilet door - and which then eg also applications can display? Perhaps this is also the real advantage of mobile application procedures by mobile phone: that one can carry these everywhere and can read with boredom on the toilet?

Apply for a mobile - but please!

Apart from that, I think mobile application procedures make a lot of sense: simply slap iPhones together and the application is sent. The Problem is that the technical requirements in the companies are simply not yet in place. Also at Privacy there are a lot of things happening at this point Ask .

The mobile application process would have to be simplified considerably. With the time pressure that applicants are exposed to today, applications should also fast can be written on the go, for example on the train. After all, what good is all that nice employer branding if applicants have to put in an effort of one or more working days. So frightening! And the technically sophisticated application procedures of many large companies are simply discarded Money and too complicated as long as the application process is so cumbersome.

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