Speaking and presenting well to be heard is for many People an important part of everyday working life. But there is a big difference between talking and actually being heard. How is your own message actually received?

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Presentations and lectures: The effect is important

Not every speech, every presentation, or everyone Lecture are actually heard, understood and absorbed by readers. In order for your own message to really reach the audience as desired, numerous conditions must be met.

What helps, for example, to "get messages across" better are so-called amplifiers: There are some stylistic and rhetorical ones Methods, which contribute to the fact that lectures and presentations are even more noticed. What exactly do these amplifiers look like?

Rhetoric tricks: reinforce core messages

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In the following, I introduce you to rhetorical principles, the rhetorical trick, if you will, the stylistic reinforcement:

  1. memorize,
  2. increase,
  3. come to a head,
  4. encourage
  5. clarify

As a second step, I will provide you with the associated language Pattern (Figures) before, with which you can do exactly the following Ask respond:

  1. How can our core messages and their emotional staging be strengthened?
  2. What are the principles behind this reinforcement?
  3. Which controllers are there, how do they work and do they work?

Embossing with repetitions

Repeats make a contribution simple, credible and insistent. Repeats reduce the effort when listening. We delight the listeners, as they can follow the presentation without great effort. Without repetition, your content will not be so good. This is demonstrated by empirical studies on the learning and forgetting process.

Use repetitions on a small scale (key words) as well as on a large scale (central messages). Repetitions are the favorite tool in politics and advertising, are the simplest and at the same time most powerful principle of rhetoric, If something is repeated often enough, it will eventually be perceived as a fact.

Increase the ability to memorize rhythm

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It is not for nothing that one says: The repetition is that Mother All things. So, repetition makes your message simple, believable, and powerful. Effective formulations have a catchy rhythm.

People realized early on that it was easier to remember something when it was rhythmic and passed on their experiences in poems and songs. So want your messages sustained anchor, rely on the power of rhythm.

Threes and Styles

You get a very nice rhythm through three steps. The number three is the magic number of rhetoric.

Also in the sentences you create messages with three-figure figures that are catchy and brain-friendly. Therefore, some stylistic elements can be found.

Conclusion: Rhetoric helps to be heard

As you can see, there are a number of rhetorical devices that can help convey messages and Effect of presentations or lectures.

What other tools there are else, you will learn in the upcoming parts of this small art series.

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