Digitalisation is on everyone's lips, but legislation is lagging behind in many areas - including labor law. An overview.


Employees expect flexible working hours

Studies like the Monster Recruiting Trends show that many employees Work-Life-Balance and flexible working hours from their employers, but the issue still meets with many reservations.

Employees, especially those from the younger generation, want to determine for themselves when and where they work. On the other hand, according to the Monster study, you also fear a loss of productivity due to the more difficult work Communication.

Rigid working time laws obstruct flexibility

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Employers often fear this too, while others - above all Microsoft or Coca Cola - already give their employees completely free ones Hand in organizing their working hours.

However, from the point of view of the employer, this often conflicts with rigid working hours laws. So demands of the Federal association of the labor lawyers in Company (BVAU). As recently stated by BVAU President Alexander R. Zumkeller:

“Labor law needs to be adjusted through deregulation. To set up a day or a week for yourself, to make the schedule dependent on weather, friends, children - this conflicts with an eleven-hour rest period or a ban on working on Sundays. ”

New Laws in Time Work

Legislative changes could also soon change in terms of temporary agency work. Because the grand coalition has agreed the "further development" of temporary agency work in the coalition agreement. The projects include the introduction of equal pay for temporary workers and permanent employees after nine months (equal pay) and a maximum leasing period of 18 months for temporary workers in the same customer company.

Another aspect of the digitization of companies: More and more employees are professionally in social networks traveling. That raises a plethora of legal Ask on, for the entrepreneurs like Employees need to develop sensitivity. In addition to questions regarding Privacy Policy– and labor law, it also deals with aspects related to copyright, advertising, freedom of speech, youth protection and criminal law.

Matching events on the future staff

There are a number of exciting events on these topics at the Future Personnel from 15.-17. September in Cologne.

  1. Flexible working hours: Under the moderation of Volker Hassel, editor-in-chief of the magazine “Arbeit und Arbeitsrecht”, Alexander R. Zumkeller, head of labor law, tariff and Social policy of ABB AGTobias Neufeld, LL.M., partner of Allen and Overy LLP, Dr. Klaus Linde, Head of Labor Relationship Services at Deutsche Telekom AG, and Dirk Pollert, stv. Managing Director of the Bavarian Metal and Electrical Employers' Associations bayme and vbm and the Association of the Bavarian Industry (vbw).
  2. Temporary work: Are the planned new regulations permissible under constitutional and European law? This question goes Dr. Anja Mengel, LL.M., Partner of the law firm Altenburg Specialist lawyers for employment law, according to.
  3. Social Media Use of Employees: In a lecture, Prof. Dr. Rolf Schwartmann, Chairman of the Society for Data Protection and Data Security (GDD), reviews the legal requirements.
  4. New world of work with old rules: How the old labor law fits in with the new working conditions is also busy Dr. Frank Walk, lawyer at Emplawers, in the Experts' Corner HR and Law. In one-hour sessions, trade fair visitors will be able to find out about employment law issues and discuss questions from the field.
  5. Digitization in labor law: “Digitization in labor law - new challenges and old acquaintances” is also the subject of specialist lawyers Aziza Yakhloufi and Alexander von Chrzanowski von Rödl und Partner in the Experts' Corner HR and Law.

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