Today, companies have to come up with some ideas in the course of employer branding if they want to stand out from the crowd as an employer. What helps: A clearly defined corporate identity. 4 Basics.

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This is how the corporate identity helps with employer branding

According to the statistics portal statista, there were 2016 companies in Germany in 3.476.193. How is it possible to be perceived as independent with such a crowd and to set yourself apart - both as a company and as an employer?

The keyword is corporate identity. Because only with an individual corporate identity is there a chance to stand out on the economic and labor market, to stand out from others and successfully be.

The 4 Fundamentals of Corporate Identity

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The corporate identity, CI for short, is composed of four different aspects:

  1. The corporate design is the visual appearance of the company, such as the logo, branded stationery or the homepage. It is also about the company building itself, the outer facade, the interior, the decoration, the color selection, etc. The corporate design should be uniform on all media to be seen, so the consumer in the best case, only by the colors or the lettering an association to the company.
  2. Corporate Communication, the internal and external communication of the company. This includes on the one hand the internal newsletter, the alumni network, etc. and on the other hand the press releases, publications of articles, the running of a blog and the like. The company can thus position itself for which standards and values ​​the company stands.
  3. Corporate behavior means the behavior of employees among themselves, between employees and managers, and also between employees and customers. This point also concerns both the internal and the external interaction with each other. Of course, the actions, reactions and behavior should be in line with the corporate communication attitudes.
  4. The final part is taken over by the corporate culture, the corporate culture. At this point, corporate communication and corporate behavior meet and form a large whole. Managers must demonstrate the beliefs that the company represents. This is the only way to build credibility for employees, customers and the general public appearance.

A uniform appearance

The corporate identity helps the company to stand out less as an economic operation and more as a kind of person with character traits and individual characteristics. This creates sympathy among potential customers customers, applicants and also with regard to the public social impression.

The priority should be that all members of the Company Part of the corporate identity are thus a uniform image of the verbal and non-verbal Communication of the company is created. Above all, however, corporate culture is an aspect that should be lived by everyone every day and is not only present on paper in pretty phrases.

Goals that can be achieved with corporate identity

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On the one hand, they have to Employees can identify with the corporate culture in such a way that they can represent it convincingly themselves and, on the other hand, the company must be remembered by customers, there must be a positive memory factor that can only be generated by an authentic corporate identity.

The Setthat can be achieved with a successful corporate identity are made up of several points. On the one hand, the employee loyalty that is shown to the company. With a clear point of view regarding moral values ​​and economic convictions, employees know where they stand.

Transparency is crucial

The transparency of these values ​​is crucial at this point, because this is the only way (potential) employees can assess the position of the Company understand and comprehend. Furthermore, through corporate identity, the public Attention be directed to the company.

It is not about the fact that the public interest must be exclusively positive, it is more about being in the minds of the people and, for example, by a catchy advertising melody as a catchy tune with consumers.

Quality and professionalism

As the Candidate you can recognize a really lived corporate identity by various characteristics. One aspect deals with the professionalism, the impression of which is automatically created as soon as the company has a uniform and appropriate layout, Appear and create self-image.

In this context, the recognition value should also be mentioned, because the level of awareness of a company is created on the one hand by quality and professionalism and on the other hand by a convincing public media appearance, the klare entails recognition features. Finally, economic success is also recognizable. This results from the listed factors of professionalism, media appearance and recognition value.

Conclusion: Corporate identity must exist in every area

Finally, it should be made clear that the corporate identity in all its facets and in every area must be consistent and professional for every company.

As a result, successes can be achieved internally and externally, which a company can no longer do without, especially with the increasing competitive pressure and the labor market situation.

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