Inspired by the violent Discussions on selling on Amazon Best of HR –® we want here now the chances and risks treat that the marketplace offers to potential business founders.


How does Amazon® tick?

Amazon®.de opened its virtual doors in 1998 after the parent company Amazon®.com, founded in 1995 by Jeff Bezoz in Seattle, had already made a remarkable development. Nowadays that belongs Company to the Fortune 500.

The secret of success is to be found in the basic attitude of the founder: “We see ours customers like invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts!” - This quote is from Jeff Bezoz, multi-billionaire and Founder delivered by Amazon®.com and hits the nail on the head Head.

If you really want to understand what makes Amazon tick, you have to look at the history of the company Eyes .

The story of Amazon®

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Initially, Amazon® started out as a purer Online-bookseller. The process quality of smooth processing and fast delivery convinced numerous customers.

Amazon® therefore quickly expanded the range to include media-related products Article and thus became a mega department store that covers almost all product groups that people consume, from A to car tires to Z to toothbrushes.

How high are the sales

The sales of Amazon® in Germany are generally not published, but these can be derived relatively precisely over the 10-K Filings of Amazon®. The figure below shows Amazon® derived revenues in the years 2007-2010 by product group.

The table shows that in 2010 the non-media area was almost as strong a revenue pillar as the media area itself, and even the media area in the meantime clear should surpass.


Rapid growth also in Germany

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You can also see the fast pace growth from Amazon®, which also takes place on the German market. This can only be realized through a massive expansion of the product range and assortment.

This is why Amazon®.com began its opening up of its leading e-commerce platform in 2000, also for retailers and retailers. The Amazon® volume was born.

Full service for retailers

This enables retailers not only to use the entire sales platform, but also offers them logistics services, e-fulfillment or e-payment services as convenient online payment methods.

Thus, Amazon®.de, taking into account the market traders in the year 2010, comes to a trading volume of 4,9 billion. Taking into account the annual growth in sales of Amazon®.de over the past four years, which is an average of approx. 34 per cent per year, 2013 has a forecast of a trading volume of 11,8 billion EUR in Germany alone!

The secret of success

This makes Amazon®.de not only by far the largest e-commerce provider on the German market, but also the online trading company with the highest growth rates. In e-commerce, Amazon® is therefore, similar to Apple® in the field of IT/consumer electronics, to be described as an absolute “market maker”.

Amazon's mission is to be where customers fast and easily find whatever they want to buy at a great price. This mission and Amazon's vision to be the most customer-centric company in the world World to be, have so far risen unsurpassed.

What counts for the customer?


Amazon® takes into account six main aspects that are most important to the customer in the long term, such as cheap selection and a wide range. You can find an overview of this in the figure below:

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