Change management ensures meaningful planning processes in the Companys. That a successful Implementation succeeds depends crucially on a resilient relationship between the people involved. Then grow up Esteem, where otherwise there is a risk of devaluation.

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Change: The two sides of a coin

Methods and tools used in a targeted manner help executives to accelerate or change business processes.

But that's just one side of the coin. Those in charge should think more about what they can gain by defining a dignified design as an additional factor of success in change processes.

Unequal starting positions among employees

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“At the end of a conversation there is always a contract.” This much-touted management credo does not work automatically. Many Executives complain that the implementation is too slow and that what has been agreed is only being implemented to a limited extent.

Could it be because the above sentence is proclaimed in particular by those who are in a better starting position from the start? If the work context calls for these rules of the game to be played, the “weaker” experience time and again that others are better and stronger at it, Set or enforce procedures. As the inferior part, they feel the associated devaluation.

Rules of the game that prevent change

Can a “contract” concluded under unequal rules of the game be implemented at all? Rather bad! Because the implementation automatically includes the continuation of the perceived devaluation - as well as the non-implementation.

If you do not adhere to the unconsciously or deliberately rejected rules of the game, you still suffer from not doing what is actually expected. Motivation for Projects- and company goals or a committed cooperation inevitably fall by the wayside. Although the opposite is intended, a devaluation spiral is set in motion.

Employee leadership in the change process: Between facts and empathy

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Established management systems often create conflicts of action among executives: They are measured by key figures - i.e. hard facts - feel but humanely responsible for their employees.

Because they want to do justice to both, they find themselves in a quandary that has been indissolubly resolved and are rubbing themselves between these poles. Well-intentioned approaches are so often doomed to failure.

Change can only succeed with people

“Head Counts”, “Human Resource” or “Human Capital” are typical expressions when designing change processes. Man is eliminated linguistically. This supposed objectification is very dangerous.

Because whether change processes succeed does not depend on abstract human capital, but stands and falls with the willingness to implement of those affected People in the company.

Avoid devaluation

Should he Change succeed - and not only then - a manager must deal with the worries and fears of the employees constructive to be able to deal with. If this is missing, then the willingness of the employees to support the change goals is also lacking.

And that's not all. If there is no connection to the manager, then the insecure employee becomes more threatening Significance. At the same time, the danger of mutual devaluation is growing.

Trust and connectedness from both sides

Managers and employees are dependent on one another. Both want to be mutually recognized and valued in their uniqueness. On the one hand, a manager must actively look after himself Trust and strive for solidarity with the employees.

Because only if she is recognized by them in this role can she also win them over to change goals. On the other hand, she also needs this respect for herself. Only then can a sustainable mutual cooperation relationship develop. In change processes it is essential Orientation to give, to consolidate or rebuild security and trust.

To consider different needs

To improve results in change processes, external Adviser turned on. This circumstance often triggers simultaneous internal resistors .

Because consultants are still too busy as doers. In the future, they will also have to intensify their awareness of the dignified shaping of change processes. You should ask yourself the question: how do managers and employees in a company deal with each other and their different needs?

Would as a basic attitude

Do companies function in the notion that machines that can be continually improved do not incorporate all of the company's energy. Although unintentionally, so you do not bring all the necessary for the success of forces on board.

Man with his dignity is ignored. Whether entrepreneurs, executives or consultants - those responsible must keep asking themselves whether they consider dignified design in their actions. It is not about setting yourself less ambitious goals. Rather, it is about a different attitude: that all people who are involved in processes of change are more worthy of each other.

Conclusion: Only in this way can change management succeed

Change management can only profit from this and, as a result, be more effective. So we turn the medal more often once more!

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