Do you know that? You attend a trade fair. You see a stand with interesting products and head towards it. After what felt like an eternity of waiting, we looked for a stand employee. Unfortunately they are Employees busy talking to each other. Too bad, missed opportunity! Read here how, as a sales decision-maker, you can organize your trade fair stand Success .

Tips for a successful trade fair appearance

That is why many exhibitors miss the goal

Many exhibitors do not have one Set for the fair. The Olympic thought prevails: “Being there is everything.”, “Because the competition is there, we also go there.” or “We're going there because we've always been there”. Very few think about their reasons for participating in a trade fair beforehand. Things are formulated that cannot be measured, such as:

These are all wishes. Goals only become goals when they can be measured. Why are goals at the fair so important? Goals give employees a Orientation. In day-to-day business, employees do not know whether they should take care of existing customers or new customers first. You don't know if that Conversation should be designed in detail or brought to the point in a nutshell.

4 Tips: Avoid typical mistakes

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One of the main mistakes is to equate the priority of consumer protection with the acquisition of new customers. This is comparable to day and night.

If you tell a trade fair architect now that he is to build a test stand for you because of these goals, he does not know what to do.

  1. A new customer base is barrier-free, open on all sides, there are only standing tables and the length of stay at the stand is minimal. After all, it's only about making a contact, everything else is done in the rework.
  2. A regular customer base has a completely different structure. As a rule, this is closed on all sides, there are comfortable seating options, an elaborate catering and the regular customer receives a confirmation of purchase there.
  3. Why do you want to go to the show? Define measurable goals.
  4. Communicate these to the employees as well, and provide them with appropriate measures.

4 tips: This is how optimal preparation for a successful trade fair appearance is structured

I'll tell you the evening before your first day at the trade fair whether your trade fair will be a success or not. Why? No, I don't have a crystal ball to look into. Studies have shown that trade visitors spend 90% of their time at trade fairs in advance to plan.

Concrete appointments are arranged with exhibitors or a trade fair plan is drawn up with the appropriate routes. The visitors that you spontaneously address as an exhibitor, who find their way to your stand due to special exhibits or an exciting show, make up only 10% of the potential for the fair. You won't reach 90% with the tactic "wait for someone to speak to me", although this isn't a tactic either.

Contact the potential customers in advance. Make appointments for the fair. Possible steps are for example:

  1. A nationwide mailing with response capability.
  2. A phone call to schedule those who have not answered.
  3. Confirm the dates in written form.
  4. The dates at the trade fair: qualified discussions, which are then documented in a meeting protocol.

The post-processing period starts immediately.

The most important thing is that the agreed dates, which you do not have in the calendar before the show, will not save you at the trade fair, no matter how motivated you are.

4 tips: These are the recommendations for sales managers in order to optimally control the stand personnel at the trade fair.

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The complete Behavior on the exhibition stand depends on the exhibition objectives. If you want to maintain your regular customers, expect this time, awareness , relationship maintenance, Esteem and a purchase confirmation.

  1. A call duration is 30 to 60 minutes. If your trade fair goals are mainly about existing customers, then you should reconsider your trade fair participation: Is this really the right instrument or the right way? Are there better customer loyalty instruments than talking at the booth? Customer events would be a more appropriate alternative, for example.
  2. If you are interested in the topic of new customer acquisition, the same applies. Arrange appointments in advance.
  3. In addition, you may divide your team in Farmer and Hunter. Farmers are those who deal with the relationship care. Hunter are the ones who accept the speech. If necessary, take communicative trainees or office workers who will take over the approach of the visitors to the booth.
  4. At the same time the visitor is qualified. If it is the right target, he is handed over to the farmer. The farmer informs the customer in detail and usually arranges an appointment.

The times of the Order Fairs are at most Industries over. Nowadays, trade fairs are mostly regarded as contact fairs. Here to qualify Your customer, does this potential have for your supplier and whether the supplier is attractive Solutions offers for your customer. Everything else will be agreed in subsequent appointments.

For a new customer first contact, the call duration of 30 minutes should not be exceeded.

4 Tips: With these steps, you can make buyers after the trade fair

  1. The first step is to document and record the conversations on the test stand.
  2. Thereafter, the customer should receive a written conversation confirmation (per eMail, Fax or letter). Here is thanked for the joint conversation, the conversation content will be played again and the next steps, as well as the appointment confirmed.
  3. Then the work begins after the fair. Here it is important that all involved distributors 4-8 weeks after the fair mark a holiday lock and with appointments for the existing customer care not the calendar ausreizen. But specifically work off the new contacts of the fair.
  4. The enthusiasm for a trade fair contact is already after a few days. It is therefore crucial to realize the appointment as quickly as possible after the fair.

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